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Fitexel Detox Tea Diet time table for weight loss

weight loss Diet time table for weight loss in Nigeria

Your dream body is just a drink away, Melt away those extra pounds with the Fitexel Detox Tea!

Kick start your day with high energy levels. Our morning boost detox tea, is a deliciously stimulating and

uplifting blend of nourishing herbs that energizes you in the morning, keeping you ready to start the day’s business.

Our night cleanse blend speeds up your weight loss success a great deal by promoting efficient bowel

function, then eliminating potential harmful metabolic toxins from it. The presence of chamomile and lemongrass in this super tea will calm your nerves and help you relax better.

Beauty and anti-aging, energy-boost, slimming tea.... Fitexel Detox Tea is offering you a range of natural

products exclusively targeted towards aiding weight loss, living healthy and overall wellbeing.


You've heard of fat melting teas before, but have you tried any? Cleanse your body of toxins and feel revitalized with our Fitexel Detox Tea Made from the highest quality herbs and extracts, the

Fitexel tea will help you nourish your body, promote overall wellness, and help you lose weight naturally and healthily. 

To order Call/Whatsapp 0706 905 1696 or 07054218160

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