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Our prices are affordable and we can send prices list on request, you can reach us on the phone number or email below

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Online Advertising Plans
Please note that the result you will get with your online advertisement will be determined by your budget, for this reason it is advisable that you chose a good plan that will give you the maximum result, we created different kinds of plans to accommodate the big, the medium and the small businesses.
Note: Views means impressions while clicks represent those that are interested on your adverts and click on it to know more about it.


If you are a premium advertiser and your advertising budget is big, call us and we will assign a dedicated staff to help design the creative, plan the campaign and manage the ads.

What is premium?

Premium refers to a more traditional digital media purchase - a pre-determined number of ad impressions is secured at a fixed price, for a set period of time. This typically allows brands to plan a complete media strategy with the peace of mind that ads will run at known intervals.
Additionally, the advertiser also pre-selects specific placements, categories, and positioning that suits their requirements. Securing a premium placement typically comes at a higher cost, but this also means that advertisers are able to run rich media and expandable ad units to maximize the investment.

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