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70% discount on Nigeria email addresses and GSM Phone numbers

70% discount on Nigeria email addresses and GSM Phone numbers

Get over 70% discount on all Nigerian email addresses and GSM Phone number database of various categories of people and businesses in Nigeria.

If you have not incorporated email marketing and mobile marketing into your marketing activities, the time is now because email and mobile marketing has been proven to be some of the most effective and affordable types of online marketing.


Nigerian email database list

Get over 2 million verified, authentic and categorized Nigerian email addresses of businesses and individuals

Total cost: N535, 000.00

71.96% discount

Old Promo Price: N150, 000

NEW Promo Price: N100, 000 (limited to 5 individuals/companies only)

Email categories includes

100,000 CEOs, Top Business and Organizations

131,000 SME Contacts, Email, Number, Company name, Address

300,000 Top Ecommerce Customers

100,000 Top bank customers

14,000 High connected individual and corporate organization in Nigeria etc.

Visit the link to see all categories

 GSM Phone numbers database Promo

Get over 80 million Nigerians GSM phone database

Total cost: N800, 000.00

75% discount

OLD Promo Price: N200, 000

NEW Promo Price: N100, 000 (limited to 5 individuals/companies only)

Follow the link to see all categories

View the UPDATED 2019 GSM phone numbers grouped by states and LGA here

Over 80 million GSM phone database grouped into different categories including the LATEST UPDATED 2019 NIGERIA GSM PHONE NUMBER DATABASE, some states has the following data

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Gender
  4. Occupation
  5. Age
  6. Local Govt. areas
  7. Polling Units
  8. Phone number etc.

Note: For business promotions only

Offer valid from 15th to 18th April 2019


Hurry now and call 08140806869 or 07014039333 to order yours


Visit the link to see the various categories of business email addresses in Nigeria we have, and get over 70% discount.

How to send Bulk Email in Nigeria and pay in Naira, click here for details

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