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Social media marketing in Nigeria

Social media marketing in Nigeria

Social media Marketing impact on businesses in Nigeria

Social media marketing has helped businesses in their online marketing strategies. With the increasing numbers of social media marketing agencies and with the advancement of technology, it is easier for companies to advertise their product or services through powerful platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat etc. Social media marketing strategy is usually created by the marketing agency on the basis of attracting attention and encouraging readers to share it across their social networks.

If you are looking for a social media marketing agency to help you with you social media marketing campaign call us 2347014039333 | 08140806869 and we will be glad to help you come up with an effective social media strategy.

Social media websites are highly powerful platforms today. With millions of people using various social sites, the outreach of your marketing program can be immense and greater than you had ever imagined. Especially if you engage the services or a good social media marketing company who have social media experts in their team, to help you develop a very good social media marketing strategy that will help you achieve the desired result

Marketing on internet in general has become easy as well as inexpensive.

Online digital marketing in Nigeria ....

Cost effectiveness of Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest benefits that social media marketing brings to businesses is cutting down their marketing cost. Social media marketing is an inexpensive yet effective way to advertise your product or service. It costs nothing to set up accounts on social media sites. It only requires your sincere efforts and unique ideas to be a huge boost for your company. It also helps non-profits organizations and agencies to reach their target audience in Nigeria, Africa and any part of the world.

Geographical differences

Social media marketing eliminates the geographical differences standing between people. Similarly, people speaking different languages, belonging to difference races see your advertisements. This provides you a vast audience and can be beneficial depending on the nature of the company.

Having said that, bigger audiences can be a hurdle when you want a certain type of people as your target audience and want a reaction from a certain group of people.

Reliance of online businesses

Social media marketing has a lot of contribution in the existence of online businesses. Similarly, small scale businesses use social media to market their product or services. They do not have enough budget and here social media is their key to survival.

Easy to connection

Social media marketing is an easy way to connect with your audience. Your consumers have a direct contact with the company. This has many benefits. It results in increased customer care and an outstanding customer service. The platform of having a direct contact develops feelings of trust and credibility between the customer and the company. This invests in long term relationships of the consumers with the company.


Today Creativity is the key to good marketing. You can make your campaign stand out by using unique ideas and infusing ingenuity into it. Social media marketing campaigns are the most successful when they connect with people’s emotions.

Measuring your success is easier

The success of your social media campaign is easy to measure. Social media lets you track the reach of your post or advertisement. You can easily view the number of clicks, shares and likes on your post that informs you about the efficiency of your marketing scheme.

The number of retweets on twitter, likes and shares on Facebook, views on YouTube informs the company about its position in the market.

Having said that, this measurement cannot be termed as the perfect analysis about your campaign. You cannot locate the scams and fake profiles that are viewing your campaign.

The other side of social media marketing

Social media marketing campaign however has a side which we are not sure to be categorized as a positive or negative. Through social media, you receive immediate reactions. You can see the responses, suggestions and reviews about your campaign at the spot. You know how the audiences are reacting to your marketing.

The risk with social media marketing remains there of wrong interpretation. The negative elements include spammers, scammers, trolls and all other sorts of malicious individuals all out to do harm to your online reputation. Sometimes the reviews posted by the viewers are bad and cannot be removed. This might generate a negative impression about your company, products or services.


One of the negatives associated with social media marketing is that it is easily accessible to everyone which leads to a vast competition. Since anyone can promote themselves on social media, it becomes a bit difficult to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Similarly, the ideas get stolen way too often in social media marketing and plagiarism is indeed really common phenomena.

Time consuming

Marketing through Social media may consume less money, but it sure consumes a lot of your time. This is one of reasons you need a service of experts like Alternative Adverts Ltd and others that is grounded in digital marketing to help you professionally market on social media. If you are a beginner and own a small scale business, you have to invest in your marketing to reach bigger audiences. You have to spend time in your marketing strategies and ideas to make them appear catchy and able to expand your business.

On the other hand, if you own an enormous business with a huge audience, time will be consumed in connecting with your audience. Often social media platforms are used by users for resolving their problems or queries. Explaining and responding to them consumes a good amount of your staff. It requires the team to effectively and constantly participate with their audience to remain relevant.

For effective social media marketing it is also advisable to engage the services or social media marketing agencies in Nigeria. You can find one by simply typing social marketing agency in Nigeria or social media marketing agencies in Nigeria or the city you reside like Lagos or Abuja etc.

You can also engage us, just call us for more information and support on 2347014039333 | 08140806869 or visit for details

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Edusko Offers Good And Affordable Schools

Edusko Offers Good And Affordable Schools


Edusko connects parents and students with good and affordable schools in Africa, Europe and America. Their mission is to make good schools Available, Accessible and Affordable to parents, guardians and students looking for good schools in Africa and beyond.

There are over 500, 000 schools in Africa and they understand that the decisions of choosing the right schools may be difficult most especially for parents who do not want to gamble with their children's education. Edusko is poised to guide parents and students to make wise choices for free.

Nous Marketing Ltd, the parent company of edusko, is a leading Education Marketing Company Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria. Edusko also provides schools with the opportunity to reach out to millions of parents and students with ease.

                                                                REGISTER NOW

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Car Boss Offers Car Services

Car Boss Offers Car Services


CarBoss is Nigeria's premier provider of an innovative car portal solution that enables car users/owners subscribe to daily autocare tips, buy insurance cover electronically, buy genuine spares, buy oil service kit, diagnose car faults online‎ and access a virtual garage to chat with certified mechanics 24/7.

Car breakdown is a common sight on our roads. It is embarassing, often comes with frustration and lots of stress. Most car owners who are not technically savvy are at a loss on whom to call when they get stranded in traffic. Well, not any more!

CarBoss is committed to a culture of maintenance and improved autocare awareness. But, when all fails, we provide quick online tools, chat access to our online mechanics or our recovery crew comes to your aid with our roadside assistance service.

car boss also offers you car services and all you need to know about your car, ranging from

Auto car tips,

Car virtual diagnosis,

 Optimal car engine performance &

Emergency services & more

visit:  to book for a service maintenance appointment on your Vehicle

                                              book now

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Online digital marketing campaign in Nigeria

Online digital marketing campaign in Nigeria

How to run a successful online digital marketing campaign in Nigeria

Online digital marketing campaign has come to stay in Nigeria and meant to help organizations and businesses to reach their online communications goals, and in case of businesses achieve internet marketing aims.

Online digital marketing campaign like every other kinds of advertisement has one of the two main aim, awareness or result, whatever is your aim for the campaign is, online digital marketing campaign is sure to deliver more than any other forms or marketing channels.

Questions on the minds of every business person.

Problem or questions in the lips of many organizations are: when is it the right time to run online digital marketing? Further questions asked in this regard are: should we run online campaign because competitors or oppositions are running one? Should we run online campaign in Nigeria because we have the budget, is it necessary at all to embark on online digital marketing among other questions?

Social media marketing in Nigeria...


In this article today we will try to answer the question when to run online digital marketing. Let’s us first establish the fact that online digital marketing campaign is not meant for businesses only who have products/services to sell in Nigeria or for profits orientated companies alone. No, digital marketing goes beyond that to include non profit organizations such as churches, NGO, schools(selling education), government agencies for public enlightenment among others.

Let’s further establish this, according to marketing discipline, we were told in the marketing school that there’re marketing mix which consist of elements of marketing. There’re: place, product, promotion, process, physical evidence, price and people. Each of these elements is further divided to include their elements, for example elements of promotion are: public relation, advertising, personal selling, word of mouth, direct marketing and so on.

What to deduce from this explanation is that marketing is beyond selling and using by profit orientated enterprise alone.

However, for the sake of simplicity, this post today will be focused on promotion aspect of marketing mix, in our situation digital marketing, i.e marketing using digital space.

Below are some of the reasons or when to run online digital marketing campaign.

To launch a new products or services:

When your organization wants to launch a new products or services, as launching of product means to let target consumers or potential buyers know about your new products. This involves informing the Nigeria’s customers and potential clients through online advertising by way of online publicity and educating them.

To build and repair public opinion:

You can run an online digital marketing campaign in Nigeria when your organization or you want to build and repair public opinion via digital space.

You can employ online public relation tools such as press release, interviews etc. targeted at specific audience to correct wrong impression about products/services, encourage the Nigeria’s general public to embrace particular ideas as regard to societal issues etc.

To change position of well-established product:

Every product has a life cycle such as introduction stage, growth stage, maturity stage and decline stage. When a product gets to its maturity stage it might be a time to change its position and consumer perception through innovation and strategic repositioning. This is to avoid the product entering into decline stage which could make it hard to continue making profits for the company. When all the innovation and positioning is done, consumers need to be communicated regard to all the new developments. To carry out this, online digital advertising campaigns need to be embarked on.

To take advantage of a seasonal sales peak:

Taking advantage of seasonal peak is one of reasons to run a Online digital marketing campaigns in Nigeria in order to promote your product and service during its best selling period. Many products and services in Nigeria’s market have time they’re mostly consumed or bought e.g fashion and event services during festive period. Because other companies and organizations are likely to be competing for the same buyers/subscribers, online digital marketing will be embarked on to market to customers and potential buyers in the market to stimulate demand and possibly win buyers attention away from the competitors.

Extra use of products:

To encourage extra use of products and services by the end users. In marketing there is what is called market penetration and one of strategies of market penetration is encouraging extra use of products to stimulate more demand from the current consumers. For example toothpaste seller running adverts showing importance of brushing teeth three times a day, unlike one-time a day many homes are custom to. Thus, the advert is meant to change consumers’ behaviors to consume the product more, therefore leading to extra use of the product.

To achieve fast rate of trials and sampling:

Is your business having services with trials offers or products with samples? You’re sure that you have excellent products and render exceptional services yet you’re not getting enough potential consumers and buyers to trial the product or to give sample to test its quality? Then this is time to run online digital marketing campaigns to promote the trials and sampling to millions of Nigerian consumers and potential buyers through meticulous digital marketing campaigns.

To engage general public:

Are you a public figure such as politician, public office holder or activist who needs to influence Nigerian masses, attract supporters and Nigerian masses to believe in your movements or issue important to you? Then this is time to run online digital marketing campaigns to engage millions of Nigerians.

Good news is that Alternative Adverts being leading online advertising company in Africa is here to help you run massive online awareness campaigns. Also, are you a government agency in need to reach millions of Nigeria with any issue important for the government of the day? Then you need to carry out public awareness campaign via digital space.

Upcoming event:

Are you planning an event be it carnival, rally, concert or summit. This is time to run online advertising for the event. This is to enable you attract participants to the event and also educate them about the upcoming event in areas such as event’s features, benefits; whether it’s free or paid, locations among others. All these will be made possible through informative and persuasive online event digital advertising campaign.

Feel free to reach us on 2348140806869, 07014039333 or visit for details

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Electricity Demand Projected To Grow By 2020

Electricity Demand Projected To Grow By 2020


Managing Director of the Disco, Oladele Amoda  disclosed at a forum held in Lagos, that the Eko Electricity Distribution Company has revealed ,that Nigeria requires about 88,282 Megawatts of electricity to meet the nation’s demand by 2020, where he encouraged  the country to adopt alternative energy sources to measure up with its energy requirement in the nearest future.

“With an estimated yearly economic growth rate of between 7 and 13 percent, as well as an urbanization rate of 3.8 percent, Nigeria’s electricity demand is projected to grow from 15,730 MW in 2016 to 41,133MW by 2018 and 88,282MW by 2020,” he said.

The director also pointed that Nigeria is endowed with renewable energy sources, which are not efficiently managed, this was why he said: “The commitment of the government towards utilizing alternative energy sources can be appreciated as we see more projects being implemented using solar and other renewable options like bio-mass and wind”

Amode finally emphasised the need for the country to adopt energy demand side management which has the tendency to enhance energy efficiency and conservation.

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GSM phone numbers in Nigeria by LGA

GSM phone numbers in Nigeria by LGA

GSM phone numbers in Nigeria grouped by states and local government area.

Business owners major challenge when it comes to mobile marketing is getting the right phone numbers of target audience, but with our nation wide phone numbers database, it is now easier than ever to reach people within any state and local government areas in Nigeria.

These are the most Complete GSM Phone Numbers Database in Nigeria classified by (Name, Gender, LGA, State) For the whole Country. It is 100% Money back Guaranteed.

Prices Below

N1 per number

Each LGA for N10, 000.00

Each State for N50, 000.00

Nationwide for N150, 000.00

We have some other categories of GSM Database in Nigeria like Car Owners, Business Owners, Job seekers, Politicians, Civil Servants, Graduates etc. Follow this link for details Classified GSM Phone numbers and email database

Please look at the screenshot below for details, note that we cover part of the numbers for security reason, if you need sample numbers for text please call us on 07014039333, 08140806869

 Nigeria gsm phone number database
 phone number database


The following lists and locations are covered within our Gsm Phone Number Database in Nigeria.

Abia state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Adamawa state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Anambra LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Bauchi state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Bayelsa state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Benue state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Borno state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Crosss rivers state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Delta state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Ebonyi state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Edo state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Ekiti state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Enugu state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

FCT state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Gombe state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Imo state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Jigawa state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Kaduna state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Kano state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Kastina state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Kebbi state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Kogi state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Kwara state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Lagos state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Nassarawa state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Niger state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Ogun state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Osun state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Oyo state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Plateau state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Rivers state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Sokoto state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Taraba state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Yobe state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Zamfara state LGA GSM Phone Numbers database

Beware of radomly generated phone numbers and extrated numbers databasses that are not valid, get the most active and categorised gsm phone numbers of people living and working in Nigeria

Call us on 07014039333, 08140806869 for details

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Bulk email marketing services

Bulk email marketing services

Bulk email marketing in Nigeria and benefits to businesses

With Bulk email marketing who’s to say that customer’s sales cycle is over? There are always opportunities for upselling, cross-selling, and repeat sales! In fact, it’s to your benefit that you nurture the customers you already have. According to Bain and Company, repeat customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers, and are 6-12 times cheaper to sell to. Talk about a good investment!

Bulk email contacts/Addresses of Nigerians will help you expand your reach, check link below for details

So, what do you do to nurture those customers (or shall we call them leads?) so they can generate even more revenue for your business? Well, one tool you have in your arsenal is your Bulk email marketing program. I mean, they already trust you and recognize your name in their inbox -- if you’ve got a captive segment of your contacts database, you might as well work it. So whether it’s been a few seconds, weeks, or months since the deal was closed, this post will explain how to use email marketing to re-engage your current customers and achieve greater account penetration for minimal cost.

1) Leverage Your Thank You/Confirmation Email with Bulk Email services

After a customer makes a purchase, they have a choice -- one that you can play a part in with savvy email marketing. They can either move on from your brand because they’ve got what they wanted from you, or they can consider ways to stay engaged with your brand that could lead to future purchases. And considering that “Welcome” and “Order Confirmation” emails are some of the emails with the highest open rates, you have a unique opportunity to convince customers to stay tuned to see what else you have to offer. And, you know, see what else they might buy from you.

So in addition to the order details and email opt-in confirmation, include a clear call-to-action in these emails to encourage customers to stay engaged with your company in ways other than via email. It could be an exclusive offer to an industry-specific eBook, a promotion of your social media profiles to help expand your reach, or a recommendation for a complementary product or service your customer might like. The better targeted your content, the better chance that customer sticks around.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind that welcome and confirmation emails should thank the customer for their opt-in or purchase and offer additional ways to add value, not push for a hard sale.

2) you can send a Product/Service Feedback Email

You’ve made the sale with the customer, but how is their purchase treating them? If you’ve mucked up along the way -- either with poor service or a sub-par product -- you can’t exactly expect customers to purchase again from you in the future. Leverage the power of email to make your post-purchase check-ins more scalable, and your marketing infinitely move lovable.

But beware! Timing is important here. Check in too early, and customers might not have even used your product yet; or in a service-based business, they might not know enough about the experience of working with you to offer meaningful feedback. Check in too late, however, and your product isn’t on their mind anymore. So if you’re looking for feedback on something like a digital download, give your leads a couple days to read it. If you’re looking for feedback on a physical product, extend that time frame a bit to adjust for shipping time and, if applicable, assembly. And if you’re in a service-based business, you should set several benchmarks across a customer’s time spend with your organization.

For happy customers, emails of this nature will not only reaffirm their confidence in a business that’s treated them well, it will make them feel like valued customers who have a stake in the future of your company. You know, the future that would make them happy … and make them more likely to purchase more from you. Talk about hearing it straight from the source.

Bulk email contacts/addresses

If you need to have a wider reach you could consider getting from long list our existing email contacts, click bulk email contact/addresses for more or visit the link below

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NSE Trembles As Capitalisation Depreciates

NSE Trembles As Capitalisation Depreciates

The Nigerian Stock Exchange on the 28th of july, being yesterday closed its trading in red as market capitalisation of traded equities depreciated further by N55 billion.

This was as the NSE All Share Index dropped by 156.66 basis points to close at 28,046.96 from 28,205.62 points it opened the day’s trading.

The performance of the benchmark index was dragged by profit taking in Zenith Bank, Nigerian Breweries, ETI and FBNH. Similarly, market activity weakened as volume and value of traded equities declined 44.6 per cent and 53.5 per cent to close at 270.72 million shares worth N2.2 billion, exchanged in 4, 609 deals.

The watered performance of the ASI was further highlighted in the bearish performance across sectors. The Insurance and Banking indices depreciated 1.5 per cent and 1.4 per cent as investors took profit in Mansard, AIICO, Zenith, ETI and Access.

After the trading session, 35 stocks appeared on the price movement table with eight gaining price advantage as against 27 decliners. MRS, Pharma Deko and Law Union led the gainers while Skye Bank, Berger Cutix and FCMB led the losers.

An analyst with Afrinvest believes that the upward review of the benchmark rate by the MPC coupled with the current attractive yields in the money market will dampen interest in equities in the short term as they expect investors may redirect funds to the money market.

Source : Bizwatch 

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Buy Shops at Naowa plaza

Buy Shops at  Naowa plaza


Naowa Mega Plaza Was conceived out of the urgent need to provide a suitable and conducive site for business to thrive and for investor's alike, people who are highly discerning with a sense of quality consciousness and shrewd business mindset. Its close proximity to the Ojo military cantonment gives it adequate security for both traders and investors who seek an environment where their life and investment can be properly secured.

The strategic location and positioning of this Ultra modern Plaza will serve the shopping needs of the numerous residents and business people within the largest local governments in Lagos state, which includes  Alimosho and Ojo Local Governments Areas.

Within the same prescient are also other landmarks which makes the MEGA PLAZA an attraction to investors, these landmarks includes the following:

Lagos State University Main Campus

The famous Alaba international Market

The International Trade Fair Complex

IBA Estate

Volkswagen Nigeria Assembly Complex ,amongst many others


The NAOWA Mega Plaza is uniquely built with ensuite toilets for the convenience of shop owners which makes it a more alluring plaza for investors.

With over 650 units upon completion,

Other Features

Main shopping blocks

Adequate open car parking space

Well structured road network

Gated and secured Environment

Good drainage system

Standby generator

Management office

24 hours security


10SQM =N2M per unit

22SQM with toilet =N4M per unit

22SQM without toilet =N3M per unit

240SQM for Restaurants and banks =N50M per unit

150SQM for Warehousing =N25M per unit.



Outright Payment Attracts 5% discount


Full Payment  or 30% down payment and balance spread over 12 months.

                                                      BUY NOW

 mailing address is:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Nigerian Role Model Awards

Nigerian Role Model Awards


The Nigerian Role Model Awards JULY 29 2016



  MAILING ADDRESS : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

                        REGISTER NOW

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Simple Ways To Conserve Your Phone Data

Simple Ways To Conserve Your Phone Data


If your friends share a lot of videos, do this immediately. In the Facebook app, tap More > scroll down to Settings > Videos and Photos > select Auto-play and slide to disable “Smart Auto-play.” Then choose “Use Wifi Only” or “Never Play Videos Automatically.”In Instagram, go to your profile > Settings (top right) > Preload videos > select “Only on Wi-Fi.”


Watching YouTube videos on mobile is a gargantuan data wipe, but if you HAVE to do it, use the “three dots” menu in the top right corner to play them at a lower resolution so you won’t kiss half of your data goodbye just to watch some cute puppies. (Worth it, though.)


Sure, it’s nice to know where exactly you are in your route, but accurate GPS positioning and turn-by-turn directions eat up so much data. Pull up directions in your preferred maps app, then capture the screen (hold down home + power button for iPhone). Now, end the navigation or close the app, and pull up the screenshot from Camera Roll.


If you get bored on the bus/subway and can’t resist a good story, use the Pocket mobile app to read longer articles without a data connection. Find the article when you’re on Wi-Fi, copy the link, open Pocket and tap the “Add” green bar at the bottom. Add as many articles as you want, then wait for the app to say “Downloading complete.” After that, read away and don’t forget to go into Airplane Mode.


The Waze app records data from your phone to help inform its traffic reports, even when you’re not navigating. Open the menu and tap the power button to shut Waze down completely.


Go to your desired destination, and press and hold to drop a pin. Tap Dropped Pin, then tap on the three dots in the upper right, and select Save offline map. You can pan and zoom to adjust the area. Once saved, name the map, and access it in Your places.


All of your apps can auto-refresh, meaning your phone will allow them to check for new content and download it, even if you’re not currently using the app. Turn off as many of these as possible so you’re not losing data without even realizing it.


On most Verizon and AT&T plans, you’re charged $15 for every GB of additional data you use on top of your plan’s allowance. This is a lot! If you’ve ignored those pesky text message warnings and KNOW you’ve blasted through all your data, try calling and asking if they can ~just this once~ waive your charge. (Sometimes this works!), If you have regular trouble staying within your data limit, consider upgrading your plan. It’s worth paying more up front and having an extra, comfy data cushion instead of freaking out every time you refresh Instagram. (Changing it very soon after you’ve gone over your data might even result in you avoiding the overage fee.)


Did you know you can check your data usage without logging into your cell carrier account? In Settings > Cellular, you can see how much you’ve used for the current billing period. Another handy tip is to disable cellular data for all non-essential apps. The sliders (circled here) should appear gray, instead of green.


Unless you’ve marked a Spotify playlist as “available offline,” your music isn’t synced to your device. That means that every time you blast Katy Perry, it’s streaming “Roar” anew with your precious data. (This also means your playback will be choppy if you move out of your service range.) Sync ALL of your playlists when you’re connected to wifi to avoid a data bomb.

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The Africa's Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment

The Africa's Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment


The Africa's Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria popularly known as AYEEN is here again. The program is powered by the Africa's Young Entrepreneurs headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. AYEEN 2016 is taking a new direction as it hits the airwaves in a more vast and diverse way, it will be a Pan-Nigerian program as the 6 Geo-political zones is taken into focus.

Business pitch auditions will take place in 6 different  states as the program  hopes to attract about 100,000 participants and empower 1,000 businesses with grants, facilitated loans, business equipment/ tools, specialized skills scholarship, coaching and others.


The peculiarity of AYEEN 2016 is that there is no ultimate winner rather a thousand entrepreneurs will be empowered with grants worth millions of Naira, facilitated loans, business equipment, specialized skill scholarship and others. The program is meant for everyone that includes budding entrepreneurs, business owners , start-ups, artisans (mechanic , plumber , tailor ,carpenter and technicians). The unifying code is conceptualizing an idea to reality.

Join the teeming business minds pitch that laudable and economically viable idea and stand the chance to walk away with the necessary resources to either start your business or scale it up. AYEEN 2016 promises to make you shine like rare gems.

                                         REGISTER NOW

Our mailing address is:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Plusworld Offers You Professional Roofing Services

Plusworld Offers You Professional Roofing Services

Plusworld Roofing is an indigenous roofing engineering company. They  work with dedication and integrity and strive for a position of leadership in the roofing industry, with a foundation of respect  and trust, their goal is to build a lasting relationship with their clients.

 they have a knack for technological innovations and products and they also indulge in finding the most practical solutions to business and job related problems.

Plusworld Roofing remains your one-stop shop for roofing, ceiling and equipment, with their in-depth years of experience in the roofing industry, they have been able to offer their increasing list of clientele roofing solutions for their structures.


LAGOS OFFICE: Ojomu Royal Plaza,

Opposite Swisstrade Doors, Ikota First Gate,

Along Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Lagos



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Celebrate the feast of Tabernacle in Jerusalem with Aerologistics

Celebrate the feast of Tabernacle in Jerusalem with Aerologistics


Come 16 – 25 October 2016 AEROLOGISTICS AND TRAVEL LTD, invites you to travel with them to Israel for the Feast of Tabernacles between 16th – 25th October '16.

The feast is a wonderful foretaste of the future times when all peoples will come up to Jerusalem to celebrate the 40 years of Jewish wandering in the desert after being given the 10 commandment.

A unique opportunity to becoming a pilgrim in places where our Lord Jesus walked  and did all wonderful works.  To register please email or contact  via phone. Limited spaces available . Call now while offer last.

Package includes:

Return Air Ticket.

Airport  Transfers.

Hotel Accommodation

Feeding Plan.(full Board)

Transport to Holy sites.

Entrance fees to Holy sites


Health  insurance.

JP certificate/badge

Payments in Installments are  allowed but has to be completed 2 weeks to the travel date.

                                                        BOOK NOW


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

08023069235, 08131077315 +234 4610300

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Nigeria’s Biggest Business Conference

Nigeria’s  Biggest  Business Conference

MIND YOUR BUSINESS plans to be Nigeria's Biggest Business Conference with the theme: “Networking Beyond Boundaries”. It is a Two in One conference, The Ceo panel and the business session.

 It is in their patriotic quest to salvage their country, build a culture of excellence and help organizations/individuals, grow.

 Anchors on applying the rapidly expanding techniques of BRANDs/SMEs to accelerate Business, Politics, Education, Science, Grow the nation's economy and empower entrepreneurs, focusing strategically on improving the market and promoting products with the goal of TRANSFORMING, INFORMING, UPGRADING and CREATING DISTINCTIONS with the drive to embrace the Global trend in Business. It promises to transform mindsets and inevitably optimize the potential of individuals, institutions and the nation alike in business.


•             Access to the top corporate speakers and game changers.

•             Want to grow your business? Hundreds of executives and business decision makers will attend NETWROKING BEYOND BOUNDARIES.

•             Because the keynote speakers are always epic.

•             The CEO and BUSINESS event sessions offer you EVEN MORE solutions, certifications, and training opportunities.

•             The BUSINESS session "Refactoring Business Solutions into apps for Office"

•             If you sign up for both CEO and THE BUSINESS sessions, you get a discount.

•             The "Office Deployment Workshop" CEO and BUSINESS session

 DATE: 13th of August 2016.

VENUE: White House Hotel. 23A, Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

TIME: 10am – 3pm


 Book your stand/seat by making payment to:

Account Name: Mayconcept Solutions

Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank

Account Number: 0170283161

You can also make payment online via MIND YOUR BUSINESS 3.0

 After payment, send your payment details via text or call any of the numbers below.

07035057668, 07014345624,08174738978


•             Entrepreneurs

•             Marketing Managers

•             Digital marketing Personnels

•             Unemployed

•             SMEs

•             Start-up CEOs

•             Heads of Departments in organizations

•             CEOs


•             Apprenticeship/Job fair

•             Agriculture

•             Education

•             Sports

•             Export Fair/Exhibition

•             Social Media

•             Politics


N5, 000 – Individual with benefits

                    Networking, Certificate of Attendance & Refreshment

 N18, 000 - Group of three with Benefits:

                      Refreshment, Certificate of Attendance, Networking, Free Business Master

                     Class and Networking

 N30, 000 - Company table for three with: Product Exhibition Stand

                      Five minutes to address the audience, Logo on site for a year

                      Logo on backdrop and banner, Networking, Company profile display at venue,

                      Certificate of attendance for each company

                      Free Business Master Class

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Anambra diversifies its economy

Anambra diversifies its economy

Anambra, being the home for all is really living up to expectation as it creates a room for economic diversification, being said to have exported pumpkin and bitter leaf (ugu and onugbo) at the worth of $5million to Europe, as at January this year under the governorship of Chief Willy Obiano.

The governor confirmed the investment, which was  on Tuesday last week with Zolt Energy Limited to build a 40 megawatts Embedded Power Generating Plant in Ogbaru. When completed in the next 18 months as scheduled, all the power generated from it will be distributed mainly in Anambra State,

At the same time, our locally produced brand of rice known as Anambra Rice recently emerged the Best Rice in Africa at an African Products Forum in Lagos. Anambra Rice was adjudged better and more wholesome than other competing brands from South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, Morocco, Namibia and Cameroon.

Our agricultural sector has also attracted investments from 7 companies valued at $1.011bn while the large industrial farms have pushed our local rice production from 90,000 metric tons to 210,000 metric tons. At this rate, we shall soon surpass the 320,000 metric tons we consume in Anambra State per annum.” he added.


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Adserver: Online advertising companies and agencies

Adserver: Online advertising companies and agencies

Adserver setup: Perfect solution for online advertising companies and agencies

As an Online advertising company or agency, do you know that having your own adserver or a robust online advertising portal, will help strategically position your business to earn from the multi-billion Naira online advertising industry in Nigeria?

Alternative adverts adserver is the most robust, complete and affordable online advertising portal that will enable you setup your own online advertisement websites with ease. is a contextual Pay Per Click and CPM advertising software, that is offering access to thousands of advertisers, it also offers website and mobile site operators the ability to monetize their traffic.

Alternative Adverts Ad Server is a world class script and a robust system that accepts unlimited publishers and advertisers. It has all the standard ads format like 728 by 90, 468 by 60, 336 x 280, 120 by 600, 160 by 600, 300 by 250, 200 by 200, 250 by 250, 300 x 60 etc. More importantly it has Retargeting feature which allow advertisers to target website visitors so they can reach them specifically, with ads tailored to their level of interest. Retargeting allows advertisers to follow up with their best prospects.

If your company is an online advertising company, or you have a department that handle online advertisement. We propose a system that will help you deliver more values to your customer's and also make more profits. Most importantly your clients trust will increase because you will be able to give them access to view and monitor their Adverts on your website, from where they can see how their adverts are performing on the various websites, and you will also be building a sustainable online business.

You can visit to see a sample of the alternative adverts adserver software in action.

Complete online advertising portal without limitations.

As mentioned earlier Alternative Adverts Adserver is a complete online advertisement portal that will grand you instant access to over 5000 websites, including some of the top newspaper websites and major blogs in Nigeria and beyond.

What that means is that you will not only have access to the software, you will also have access to over 5000 publishers’ websites. Some of the major websites includes,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, and over 5000 other websites and blog sites.

Having used Google adwords, Google adsense and some other ad server ourselves as an online advertising agency, we know your challenges which include:

  1. Not having control over your client’s adverts.
  2. Inability to give your clients access to view/monitor their adverts.
  3. Having to cope with Google rules
  4. Competing with so many advertising agencies over a single space in a website which now makes you pay as much as $1 per click for ads to be prominent or dominant on major sites.
  5. Fear of being banned by Google for violating their rules.

The good news is that by using ad server on your domain you are in control, you can create your client’s adverts and approve it instantly and it will display on all the publishers websites almost immediately, you will also make more profit than before.

Finally, you will be building a sustainable business that will stand the test of time, because since the portal gives room for advertisers and publishers, your SME clients can create the account, setup the advert for you to approve after they might have paid for their campaign.


  1. 1.You make more profits than before.
  2. 2.Affordable clicks and impression bid
  3. 3.Maximum exposure for your clients products, services or events
  4. 4.100% control over your advertisers and publishers.
  5. 5.Your Clients will reach a wider audience on multiple platforms.
  6. 6.Your clients get more value for every penny spent.
  7. 7.You and your clients will monitor all advertisement on your platform with ease.
  8. 8.Affordable pricing plan.
  9. 9.Instant Ad approval (your clients ad go live within minutes once you approve).
  10. 10.Ads prominence and dominance, your client’s ads are very visible to all website visitors.
  11. 11.Multiple Ad types and formats
  12. 12.Retargeting features
  13. 13.Dedicated account office that will handle your entire request.
  14. 14.We help with creatives
  15. 15.Ad-server Software will run on your websites
  16. 16.Access to over 5000 existing publishers websites
  17. 17.Free technical support from local and foreign support team
  18. 18.Access to upgrades free of charge
  19. 19.Free consultation services.

Follow this link to register as a partner

You can reach us on 08140806869, 07014039333 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you wish to setup your own online advertisement portal

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Stanbic IBTC remits N200billion pension fund

Stanbic IBTC remits N200billion pension fund

Till date Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited has disbursed over N200billion, under the contributory pension scheme, CPS,  as a monthly pension to retirees

Mr Eric Fajemisin, the Chief Executive of the organization , said it has kept to its promise of ensuring the retirees get their benefits as and when due, and also emphasized the need to build a relationship with customers as well as guide them in making wide decisions with their benefits,

Fajemisin who was represented at the forum by Mr. Oladele Sotubo, the Executive Director, Investments, said: “As people head towards retirement, a decision about the type of life they wish to live in retirement should not be made from the hip, but rather through a well-structured financial planning process. The process, he said, should commence from the day one takes on a first job and involves setting aside part of current income into a retirement savings account.”

“Relationship is very key and these are our clients and so what this forum is actually tailored to achieve is to prepare our customers that are close to retirement- to prepare them as to what it takes, what they need to do and how they need to live after retirement,” he said

Finally, The organization stipulated steps to help people have a better-life, which they have always envisaged after retirement, at the forum

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China faces loosing grip on the Nigerian tomato paste market

China faces loosing grip on the Nigerian tomato paste market

The minister of state for industry, trade and investment Hajia Aisha Abubakar, In  a tour/inspection  at the Erisco food limited facility, Discloses that, federal government has decided to implement its policy on locally made tomato paste as against the importation of substantial tomato paste in the country,

The minister also noted that the reason behind this policy was to salvage the problem of tomato scarcity in the country following the outbreak of tuta absoluta (tomato ebola) few months back.

It’s no News that local tomato producing companies have refused to grow because of the activities of people who smuggle tomato paste from china and other countries into Nigeria, that was why the CEO, Erisco foods noted in an interview with vanguard that “we have the capacity to meet the demands of  Nigeria and export more but there is no market share”

 Therefore, It’s tentative to note that, with this new step by the Nigerian government, the Chinese would reduce their product price or face being sent out of the local market by this policy or the forces of demand and supply, these can be further buttressed by Alhaji Sani Dangote’s point , the Chairman of the newly established Dangote Farms in Kano, he mentioned that the Chinese are gradually becoming jittery because they suspect their grip on the market will be terminated. In order for them to still own a significant share, they may be forced to reduce their prices so as to reduce the demand for Dangote’s version of the product.

According to the Minister, the major decision Nigeria has taken in this regard is to develop a tomato policy under the National Industrial Revolution Programme, when noting that a technical committee to draft the policy would kick off this week, perhaps getting an approval before the next tomato season

On the approval of this policy the government plans to engage farmers with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and other related ministries, for the achievement of the policy goal .

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Yahoo sees $440m loss in second quarter 2016

Yahoo sees $440m loss in second quarter 2016

Yahoo losses money again second quarter of 2016 as it also happened the same time in 2015.

Yahoo said Monday its loss in the second quarter widened to $440 million from $22 million a year earlier, while offering no definitive news on efforts to sell its core Internet business.

The one time internet giant has been on the constant decline in recent years.

“Our board has made great progress on strategic alternatives,” chief executive Marissa Mayer said in a statement that contained no clues on a widely speculated bidding process for the key assets of the faded Internet star.

Let’s hope the new strategy make a difference.

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