Best online advertising companies in Nigeria and leading digital marketing agencies

List of best online advertising companies in Nigeria and leading digital marketing agencies
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SME Fast Track 2018 – Free Digital Marketing Training

SME Fast Track 2018 – Free Digital Marketing Training

Lagos, are you ready for the SME Fast Track 2018?

First quarter of 2018 is over, have you hit those big targets or made those huge sales yet or are you still struggling with making ends meet in your business? We bring to you the “SME Fast Track 2018” a two-day digital marketing training by Alternative Adverts Ltd that will empower you with all the digital marketing tools, tricks, software and hacks to drive Massive Sales and take your business to another level in the 2nd quarter 2018 and beyond.

With over 50 million smart phone users in Nigeria, over 30 million tablet users in Nigeria, 20 million laptops users and over 200 million GB of data being consumed every day, you have a wide-reaching market online for your products and services, you just need to learn the digital marketing skills to rightly position your business and claim your share of the market and that is why we are inviting you to the SME Fast Track 2018.


This is not another digital marketing training, this is an opportunity for SMEs to learn all the digital tools, tricks, software and hacks they need to know to make huge sales and drive bigger business! Making huge sales fires up your profit margin leading to massive business expansion.

At the heart of making huge sales is digital advertising and that is why you should come and learn how to do it right at the SME Fast Track, 2018. This is the only way you can make your brand stand out from the teeming competition.

And the good news is that these skills can be learnt.

Join our SME FAST TRACK 2018, a 2-day training on the use of digital marketing media to boost your sales by 400%.

Register Here

Course outline

  1. Digital Marketing Fundamentals and Website Conversion Funnel
  2. Traffic, Online Advertising, and Customer Acquisition
  3. Social Media and Community
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Video Marketing Blogging and Content Marketing
  6. Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning
  7. Mobile/SMS Marketing
  8. E-commerce marketing and Re-marketing
  9. Search Engine optimization (SEO)
  10. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  11. Classified ads and forum
  12. Online payment integration
  13. Database sources and management (Email and GSM Numbers)
  14. Plagiarism, Link building and Site analytics

  15. Site map generation

  16. Google and Bing webmaster etc.

  17. Bulk email server setup

  18. Facebook Ad secrets, generation, Page like etc.


  1. How to overtake your competitors and place your business on first page of Google map/business
  2. How to place your business on the first page of Google search and other search engine (Basic SEO)
  3. How to get 150, 000 FREE Email Credits every Month. 


Date: Thursday 3rd May and Friday 4th May, 2018

Venue: No7, Rasaq Balogun, off Adebola Street by Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere, Lagos.

Time: 10am daily

Training fee: N120, 000   FREE

However to cover the following costs:

5. 10 000 GSM Phone numbers for Mobile Marketing 
4. Training pack
3. Training Materials
2. Hard Copy Certificate
1. Lunch for the two days

You'll have to pay a compulsory sum of N10, 000 which must be paid BEFORE the training date. This will help us make solid preparations for everybody that will be coming.

Please Note that our regular 2-day training cost between N100, 000 and N150, 000; we suppose you are familiar with the standard charges for similar trainings so we are not indirectly charging you for the training.

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: Free 10 000 email addresses will also be given to first 20 participants to register.

What are you waiting for?

Register today

Please not that all payments should be made to our official accounts after registration before the training dates.

Acc Name: Alternative adverts network services ltd

Acc No: 0171264192

Bank: GTBank

Acc Name: Alternative adverts network serv ltd

Acc No: 1014247724

Bank: Zenith Bank

For more information, call 0814 080 6869 or 07014039333

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Digital Marketing for Nigeria 2019 elections.

Digital Marketing for Nigeria 2019 elections.

Reach over 500 million Nigerians in 36 States and win thousands of voters in 2019 elections.

2019 election is around the corner. Dear politician, are you ready? The atmosphere is supercharged as the elections draw nearer. The competition is tougher than ever before between political parties and political candidates. Stand out in your political campaigns and reach hundreds of millions of Nigerians online and offline. Let the Leading Advertising agency in Africa handle your digital and outdoor advertising campaigns this election and be glad do you do.

For an election as hyped as 2019 elections, we recommend large scale multi-marketing and advertising to reach voters from different angles. We have put together several services and packages that will get you the reach, impressions, and connections you need to win that election.

  1. A.Digital Advertising Packages


  1. i.Online Advertisements on Top Nigerian Newspaper Websites and Blogs

Reach more than 200 Million people online at once.

Place your adverts on more than 5000 top newspapers and blogs from a single ad server. There’s no other campaign strategy that will guarantee you will reach hundreds of millions of people at once than this multiple display advertising strategy.

Alternative advert server, a leading advertising agency in Africa has made reaching large audiences much easier. Form our single ad server, you can reach millions of Nigerians through the most popular blogs and sites all over Nigeria. Some of these popular sites include:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and over 5000 other websites and blogs at an affordable price.

Here are our standard charging rates. You could get in touch with us for more custom packages.

  1. ii.Social Media Campaigns: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Social Media is King! Social media is everything these days.   It’s impossible to have a successful online campaign without making strong impressions on Social Media.

In a world where everything and everyone is “online”, let’s help your campaigns stand out among other contestants.

We understand what your target audience wants and how they consume the contents they get from social media. So we will strategically create high-quality content that puts into consideration your target audience and help maintain a voice on all your online platforms that resonates with what your audience are looking for and also drive massive attention to your campaigns and help you win more votes eventually.

In addition, we monitor, manage and promote these contents to ensure they get the visibility they require and deliver on the result you desire.

We have a reputation of delivering on our promises; that is why more than 1,000 brands in Nigeria trust us with their marketing and that’s why we are number one in Africa when it comes to digital marketing and online advertising.

Here are our standard charging rates. You could get in touch with us for more custom packages.

  1. iii.SMS and Email Marketing

Get over 100 million GSM phone numbers and up to 2 million active and verified email addresses of people living and working in Nigeria grouped by states, local government area, and profession. This is a verified and the most authentic phone numbers database.

Some of them come in complete data including the First and last Names of recipients, gender, occupation, LGA, state, address etc. depending on your preference and campaign objective.

GSM Phone numbers database and Email addresses of businesses and individuals for more details.


  1. B.Radio and TV Jingles


Go live on radio and TV and reach millions of local audiences.

  1. i.Radio Jingles and Interviews

We will submit your Jingles, adverts, and voice-overs to top radio stations in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and other major cities in Nigeria, we will also arrange for interviews on some radio stations. Radio jingle is a proven way to expose your campaigns to millions of people daily and also an extremely important aspect of building a relationship with local audiences

  1. ii.Newspaper and Blog sites in Nigeria (press release)

Post on Punch, vanguard, premium times, bellanaija, lindaikeji, etc.

In our industry, we usually say that “content is king and distribution is queen, each type of content plays an important part that one simply can’t afford to ignore. The post on various newspaper and blog websites will allow you to establish a more personal connection with their readers, by answering some of their most burning questions, offering advice and sharing your insight with their audience.

On the other hand, press releases will help us build trust and authority on different fronts, by stimulating journalists and media outlets to talk more about the positions you’re vying for and what voters stand to gain.

  1. iii.TV Video and Audio Jingles and interviews

We will submit your adverts, jingles, and voice-overs to top TV stations in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria, we will also arrange for interviews on some TV stations. TV jingle is a proven way to expose your campaigns to millions of people daily and also an extremely important aspect of building a relationship with local audiences

  1. iv.SMS Short Code Services
  1. v.YouTube Videos Views

If you have your jingles and adverts on YouTube. We can get views you need for your video go viral and get the expected exposure,  Aside from sending the video to the TV stations we can upload it on YouTube and direct web traffic to it to increase the view rate. We can guarantee over a million views per month

  1. vi.Branding

Branding will help get your name and campaign out there. We would make up some stickers, badges, posters, T-shirts (very common in Nigeria) or anything else you can think of that include your name. Then, leave the stuff anywhere you can. Pass them out at large gatherings, give them out during events and performances, and seize every chance you get to drop your stuff at places and offices.

  1. vii.Charity Events

Charity Events is one sure way to make a politician popular because people will be drawn to him because of the charity his/charity works.

  1. viii.Voice SMS

Voice sms (Robot call or Robocall) enables you to record your messages in your local dialect and broadcast it to millions of people at once. And with the millions of verified, active and well segmented Nigerian GSM Phone numbers at our disposal, we can help you target your audience precisely.

Let the Number one voice SMS provider in Nigeria and beyond create conversion-driven voice notes for your political campaigns.

60 sec = N12
45 sec = N9
30 sec = N7
15 sec = N4

Call 07014039333, 08140806869 for more information.

  1. C. Outdoor Advertising

Reach Millions of Nigerians in different location through outdoor advertising


Are you looking for the best outdoor advertising company and branding agencies to handle your Nigeria 2019 elections campaigns or do you want to know the cost of outdoor advertising in Nigeria and beyond? You are in the right place. We have billboards in Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, Kano, Enugu and other parts of Nigeria.

There is no doubt that outdoor advertising is a great medium of massive advertising, and also one of the oldest and most effective means of advertising.

We offer the following types of outdoor advertising: digital billboards, bus benches, interiors and exteriors of buses, taxis and business vehicles, and signage posted on the exterior of your own brick-and-mortar location.

Outdoor advertising works well for promoting your campaigns in specific Point of sale displays include

Mobile billboards

Guerrilla advertising 

Lamp Post advertising

Transit advertising and wraps (subways, taxis, trains, buses, trains etc.)

Street furniture (kiosks, bus shelters, telephone booths etc.)

For outdoor advertising or digital billboard advertising in Lagos, Abuja, Rivers, Kano, Enugu and other parts of Nigeria click here to contact us


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Looking for the best ad server in Africa? I’ve compiled a list of great display advertising servers in Africa that allow you monetize your web traffic and gain more visibility to your site. While most SMEs and individual bloggers don’t require their own ad servers, there are still plenty of users ranging from premium publishers to agencies and large companies who need these servers to gain better control over their advertisement campaigns.

Advertising servers help publishers in many ways. First, they make managing ads simple, allow you to mix up demand and rotate as you wish, provides full control, allows for better targeting towards specific audiences and advanced reporting features.

Without delay, let’s get into the list.

  1. Alternative Adverts

Alternative Advert is the leading online advertising company and digital marketing agency in Africa which has been privileged to run online advertisement/marketing campaigns for SMEs and multinationals around the world. As a result, they have a long list of clients which we can make available on request for reference purposes. Top Clients they’ve worked with include Bforex, Airtel, pz cussons, First Bank, Gfive Mobile, and AIICO Insurance etc. you want to get your products and services on the best ad server in Africa, don’t you?

  1. Google Adwords

Google AdWords is an online advertising service developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertising copy, product listings, and video content within the Google ad network to web users. Google AdWords system is based partly on cookies and partly on keywords determined by advertisers. Google uses these characteristics to place advertising copy on pages where they think it might be relevant. Advertisers pay when users divert their browsing to click on the advertising copy. Partner websites receive a portion of the generated income.

  1. Adquet

Adquet is another leading ad server in Africa that provides a highly sophisticated online platform for advertisers and publishers of all sizes to meet up and exchange advertisements and traffic in a mutually beneficial manner.

  1. Double Click for Publishers

Take advantage of this comprehensive suite designed by Google to help large publishers accelerate their digital ad operations and generate even-greater returns.

  1. Atlas Solutions

Atlas Solutions is a subsidiary of Facebook, acquired from Microsoft in February, 2013, which provides services in online advertising. The Atlas advertising platform, originally built by Razorfish, serves billions of ad impressions a day and features a suite of tools for marketers to serve, manage, track, and measure the performance of advertisement campaigns.

  1. OpenX

OpenX is a programmatic advertising technology company. The company has developed an integrated technology platform that combines ad server and a real-time bidding (RTB) exchange with a standard supply-side platform (SSP) ensuring the highest real-time value for any trade

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Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2018

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2018

Effective Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2018

Are you making enough money from your Facebook channel? I know Facebook is a social platform, but smart marketers are making the most of it to promote their businesses and sell their products. Facebook is bigger than chatting and sharing pictures.

There is more it can do to boost your marketing activities than you thought it could possibly do. With over 2.2 billion monthly active users in the world Easter Promopresently, you have more than larger market for your products and services.

Facebook has grown to become one of the most powerful connecting platforms and you can leverage their network to move your business forward whether you’re a startup or already established.

How I can translate this large online audience to patronage for my business and more ROI for our marketing efforts, you may ask.

However, these strategies will set you in the right direction in getting the most of your Facebook marketing activities.

With these systematic Facebook Marketing Strategies, you can reach your audience at the time when they are primed to buy; or at least raise awareness of your company, product, and services to you’re the top on the mind when they are ready to buy

  1. 1.Be online.

Not once in a while but regularly. Not when Whether you are online or not, Facebook keeps moving, keeps changing! Your feed is a proof. This means being active on f Facebook e.g. sharing pictures, videos and other content is not negotiable or subject to your timing. You either commit yourself to it or lose your online businesses who can.

  1. Back Link

Link your content back to your website, every time! That’s a smart strategy any day. Don’t bug people down with sales copies and advertising messages that’s a social media no-no. Give them useful content and send them to your site for more information.

  1. Reach your Best Customers with Facebook Ads

A lot of businesses are more concerned about the impressions, likes and follows they get from their posts than how close they are to achieving the bottom line which is sales. These Metrics are great as they even help promote brand awareness but they don’t bring food to the table, do they? With Facebook Adverts, you can reach your core audiences that have the potential of becoming your paying, loyal customers.

  1. Engage your audience

You have to show commitment to your Facebook Marketing Strategies by consistently posting new content to your company’s Facebook page such as photos and videos, with links back to your site. Provide plenty of useful information, free. Not only will you connect better, you’ll also sell more.

Final Thoughts

This Easter Season, we at Alternative Adverts are giving you 20% discount on all your social media campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Reach large audience and make massive sales this season.

Click Image to learn more.

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6 Social Media Tips to Drive More Business in 2018

6 Social Media Tips to Drive More Business in 2018

The table has turned. Social Media has taken over!

It’s no more news that Social Media has changed everything from the way we interact and make money to the way we do business and advertise our brands. The smart businesses are leveraging on this powerful media to promote their brands and increase their revenue.

In a world where everything and everyone is “online”, you can’t afford not to get it right. This isn’t all there is to it, but these 5 tips will help you get more results with your social media channels this 2018

  1. Don’t just post, engage

If you’re posting on social media and nobody is liking, commenting on and sharing your posts, not only should you be bothered, you should also find means to rectify that immediately. And in rectifying, the first thing you should check is the relevance of your article. How relevant and interesting is your content to the people you are trying to reach? Then you need to check your visibility to search engines. Promote your pages to relevant people to increase your engagement and followership.

  1. Don’t just sell, connect.

Social media is different from all other kind of media in that it is highly interactive. It is primarily for social interactions, not for marketing. You can’t break this most important rule and expect everything to go well. No, it won’t!

A lot of people focus on the Media in “Social Media, and use it to push their businesses while ignoring the social part that forms the bedrock of the results you get. The basic and probably the most important truth about social media that will drive more patronage to your business in 2018 and improve your ROI ultimately is this “Focus on connecting, not selling. When people connect to your brand, they patronize you by default. By connecting, I mean post contents that your audience will find, useful, relevant and helpful and even if you have to market your products/service, do that from the standpoint of your customers needs not your need to sell.

  1. Don’t just create content, get feedback

There are five essential components of a communication process.

They are the sender, receiver, message, channel and feedback. These components apply in social media interactions as well. A communication encounter is not complete until you’ve gotten a feedback from the receiver. So ask questions, ask for feedbacks, treat comments and complaints with urgency; these are things that will help you know what you’re doing well and what you’re not and then improve.

  1. Don’t assume, inquire.

In traditional marketing, marketers assume they know the customers’ needs and problems and present their products as he solution but with social media marketing, it’s a different case. Here you need to find out what is most important to your audience and develop your content narrative around it. That is the only guarantee to good results

  1. Don’t post when you’re chanced, post when they’re online

When it comes to posting on social media, timing is key. While you’ll find some useful suggestions as to what time to post online, you can also determine the best timing your post will get the most result by testing yourself. Post at different intervals and watch out for the timing that got you the most result. Test it several times and once you’ve arrived at a time, stick to it

  1. Hand your business Social Media activities over to a Trusted Agency.

This is one of the things we do best at Alternative Adverts. We understand the consumption patterns of social media content so we strategically create premium-quality and highly engaging content that not only connect your audience to your brand but also drive massive patronage to your business and increase your ROI.

In addition, we monitor, manage and promote these contents to ensure they get the visibility they require and deliver on the result you desire.

Are your social media channels getting you enough visibility and making you enough money? If you can’t answer yes confidently, then this is for you.

We have a reputation of delivering on our promises; that is why more than 5 000 brands in Nigeria trust us with their marketing and that’s why we are number one in Africa when it comes to digital marketing and online advertising.

Check our pricing and packages or get in touch with us.

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Got A Great Product? Launch It In 3 Easy Steps.

Got A Great Product? Launch It In 3 Easy Steps.

You’ve been through the early stages of researching, developing and testing your products. The packaging is ready, the branding is perfect. You feel you’re good to go and now ready to start selling your products to the market. Just before you take that giant step, take a look at these easy steps that will help you launch your product like a pro and claim your share of the market.

Launching a new product is much harder than it sounds because even if your product is exceptional or revolutionary, you still have to scale through the ordeals of getting your messages out there to your customers which definitely involves other critical issues like overcoming customer doubts, getting ahead of the competition and setting a price that makes you good profit without turning off potential customers.

Getting your product to the market requires you knowing your product and market intimately, applying yourself and making do with your best ideas, and thinking outside the box

Regardless of whether your product is tangible or intangible or if it’s even yourself you’re trying to market. The same strategies and steps apply.

Here are 3 Steps to Get Your Product in to the Market.

  1. 1.Have a Marketing Plan.

Creating an excellent plan is where it all begins. A plan gives you a blueprint that informs what you want to achieve, how, the time frame and the cost attached to it. Performing several marketing activities without a structured plan is like beating around the bush and hoping your activities yield desired efforts. If you overlook this critical process, you will pay dearly for it in sales, later.

Start with finding if there’s a market for your product. If there is, get the most recent market synopsis for your business. Also, speak to others who run business like yours and ensure your plan includes

  • Product description
  • Target Market
  • Customer Demographics
  • Price
  • Competition
  • Promotion
  • Advertising
  • Profit Percentage
  • Product Guarantee
  • Product/liability Insurance
  • Budget

Step Two

2. Set a Launch Date

That’s what big companies do and that’s why their products do well in the market. They set a launch date and keep whetting your appetite with adverts until you’re anticipating for your product. When exactly is your product going on a shelf, in a store, a rack in front of a audience or online? Decide and put it writing.

Apart from helping potential customers anticipate the launch of your products, setting a launch date also gives you something to aim at and helps keep you accountable.

The launch date is typically set far ahead an intensive marketing effort ahead. Setting a launch date six months in advance is the minimum for a strong marketing campaign, anything lesser would compromise your efforts and results, suggested Fran Briggs a marketing copywriter and blogger at the balance

While the launch date is set, go all out and publicize your products. Any medium that will guarantee you getting in the face of your clients will do.

People will only buy what they know about.

3. Hire a Digital Marketing agency.

Digital marketing has changed the way the world buys and sells and no matter how great your products are or how excellent your plan is; if you will sell to people in the 21st century and get the best from your campaigns, it become non-negotiable that you hire a professional agency. They know the channels and strategies that can get you the highest returns on investment. If you’re to hire an agency, make sure you go for the best. Beware of those who make extra-ordinary promises and deliver little or no result at the end of the day.

At Alternative Adverts, we give your business a visibility that creates massive brand awareness and drives patronage. Every month we reach more than 50 million people online through search engines, social media, emails and other e channels. More than 5000 top companies in Africa trust their digital marketing in our hands and we help them stay ahead of competition.

We work with whatever your budget is, to ensure you get the most value for your marketing efforts.

Are you launching a new product or do you want to advertise your existing products.

Get talking with our professionals

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Frustrated with your marketing results? Learn how to reach wider and save costs.

Frustrated with your marketing results? Learn how to reach wider and save costs.

 Frustrated with your marketing results? Here’s one way smart businesses are reaching wider markets and saving huge costs.

This is not another sales gimmick or a plain trick to get you to read my post, this is the way smart businesses are saving huge marketing costs and getting the highest returns on Investment. Sad but true, large marketing costs doesn’t always translate to wider reach and more customers. If not, a lot of businesses will be winning more customers and driving more sales and we will have lesser frustrations in the market place.

These frustrations however don’t exist in the space of smart business owners and service providers. Instead, they are spending less on marketing yet getting more returns on their investment.

You want to know the trick? There it is– Email Marketing!

I know. I know.

You’ve heard a lot about email marketing and you’ve probably been marketed to by companies or sold to by individuals and what you probably got were non-existent or old emails, replication of the email addresses and high bounce rates in your campaigns, and with all your expenses you probably didn’t make one single sale or maybe you made a few sales that didn’t commemorate with how much you spent.

I understand these concerns and frustrations my friend, but that doesn’t throw away the target marketing power of email marketing and its ability to get you what you want in terms of wider reach and more patronage. Email Marketing can get you more results than you imagined, if done right of course!

Who are you trying to target with your business? Business owners? Online Shoppers? SMES, Graduates, students? Whoever your target audiences are, and whatever your budget is, at Alternative Adverts online advertising agency, we have tested and proven email marketing plans that’ll work for your business, and the best part is that they won’t break your purse!

It doesn’t matter if you are already trying to build an email list or you even have no clues how to go about reaching your target customers through email, we got you covered.

Do you want access to active email addresses of more than

100 000 Top Businesses and organizations

131 000 SME contacts

Email addresses, phone numbers, company names, addresses etc.

100 000 Lagos contacts

300 000 top proven online shoppers

100 000 top bank customers

140 000 highly connected individuals and corporate organizations in Nigeria

300 000 Lagos students

22 000 Lagos Executives

65 000 Nigerians.

Regardless of whether you have your email addresses already and want us to either help you craft or design newsletters or send with our platform, or you want to buy our email addresses, we can assure you of more than 90% success in all our campaign activities. And our prices are quite affordable.

Want to get started? Call 07014039333 or 08140806869 to find out all you need to know about our email marketing services. Check here for our Standard Pricing Rates

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