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Call Tracking Implementation and How You Can Succeed

Call-Tracking Call Tracking Implementation

Call Tracking Implementation and How You Can Succeed

If you’ve recently gotten yourself call tracking software you want to use with the rest of your marketing efforts, it can be challenging to find ways to ensure implementation, integration, and operations become smooth once your software becomes an active part of your campaigns. However, you don’t have to worry about starting your campaigns too late as this article will give you a quick heads up as to how you can make your call tracking implementation method work for you.

If you're still having doubts about your call tracking implementation, perhaps a few numbers ought to remind you of its benefits. MarTech numbers state that growth of mobile search may in fact generate as much as 73-billion calls to various businesses by the end of the year (2018). This is significant, as 79-percent of smartphone users do rely on searching for businesses and products locally for upwards to 89-percent once a week, and of those numbers 58-percent in fact search for businesses daily. If these numbers helped put to perspective just how call tracking implementation can help your business, here's how you can succeed with it: 

  • Tap into your mobile market: It's hard to deny that mobile is the "in" thing now, and this can be attributed to the desire of a global consumer-base to have easy access to things that make their lives easier. Given that smartphones can double as virtual assistants, access to online shops, easy access to contacts, and a means to "connect" with the rest of the world, it's not a surprise that a lot of people have become dependent on their phones. As such, inbound call volume has evidently increased, and this also came with the rise of consumers that are quicker to buy because of digital-based payments.
  • If your company is primarily a product or service-provider, tap into this mobile consumer-base in order to identify key variables that may influence or predict behaviors. When are popular and unpopular "buying hours," and what products are purchased during these times?
  • When are customers most contented, and when are they angriest? Why are they angry? What can you change in your operations to change this?
  • Integrate tracking into your campaigns: Your marketing campaigns may work across different media, but they have similar goals - create conversions. As such, you can actually use call tracking software such asto tap into your different media and keep track of statistics revolving around which medium generates the most leads, prospects, and conversions, and what aspects of those media make them popular choices.
  • This allows you to know which PPC ad, social campaign, billboard, and even banner ad attracted your audiences.
  • Aside from this, you can actually know which kinds of audiences are attracted to which brands. You can formulate a consumer "image" and build your services around fulfilling the needs of this buyer persona.
  • Get in with data-driven and keyword marketing: Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a challenging thing to conquer thanks to continuously-updated algorithms, but improvements in call tracking technology may allow you to tap into your company data and find ways to optimize keywords to your advantage. Instead of having a dedicated team of researchers, call tracking can actually do the appropriate data gathering for you.
  • Since tracked calls are assigned special phone numbers, softwares can actually track down to the tiniest detail which ad, word, or phrase have encouraged them to call.
  • This allows you extend the statistics you can gather here and integrate them into other parts of your campaign materials.
  • Get valuable marketing insights thanks to phone analytics: One of the most powerful tools businesses could use are phone call analytics, and using call tracking software to focus on gathering statistics from calls can give you a robust amount of data you can tap and take advantage of. Use this with online analytics, and you can actually gain a more holistic view of your operations.
  • With this much data you can actually see what's costing you and what's generating profits. You may even be able to determine what doesn't work and what you may eliminate to meet them.
  • You have other forms of data you can compare with your returns in order to give a better assessment as to why or why aren't your teams meeting their goals.
  • Click-to-call might help, especially if properly placed. You may think adding a "click-to-call" option to your website might be a bit too on the nose, but it appears readers do need the slight nudge to get in touch with your services. The same MarTech stats indicate that 70-percent of mobile searchers do rely on click-to-call should they want to directly connect with businesses they want to buy from.

The Takeaway: Long Term Planning Means Long Term Benefits

Perhaps what one can take away from the above tips is that when it comes to implementing strategies such as call tracking, it's important to understand one's objectives and long-term goals in order to make sure the strategy you wish to execute is something that can fit your parameters. Your call tracking software might be able to pull off a wide variety of tasks, but if it's not attuned to the kind of needs you company has, then you may have an inefficient software in your hands. Remember, call tracking implementation and how you can succeed in the long term depends on how careful you plan your execution today.

John Taylor

John is a long-time professional with over two decades of experience in analytics and communications technology. He works as the Senior Data Analyst at Fone Dynamics, a leader in call tracking, voice, and SMS communication. When John steps out of the office, he loves to spend time with his family and bike riding.

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