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Online advertising company & best Digital marketing agencies in Nigeria, Trusted Social Media marketing agency & leading Internet marketing company in Africa

Others are Bulk email marketing, bulk SMS, business news like products and services, exhibition, business events, Jobs/vacancies, jokes, inspirational etc.

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Cost for Advertisement on our blog

Category (A)

To post your business news like products, services, events, exhibition, business events, Jobs/vacancies, etc. is free for now, but if you want to include your contact details or link back to your website or blog site it will attract a fee of N10, 000.

Category (B) Banner adverts.

Our Banner advert prices

Top banner728 x 90 N25, 000 per month

Left Banner top 300 x 250 N25, 000 per month

Left Banner bottom 300 x 600 N15, 000 per month

Right Banner bottom 160 x 600 N15, 000 per month

Center page Banner below article 300 x 250 N20, 000 per month

Adverts format, PNG, JPG, GIF, SWF

Payment details

Acc Name: Alternative adverts network services ltd

Acc No: 0171264192

Bank: GTBank

Acc Name: Alternative adverts network serv ltd

Acc No: 1014247724

Bank: Zenith Bank

Acc No: 0065831565

Acc Name: Alternative Adverts Ltd

Bank: Diamond Bank

Call us on 2349140806869, 2347014039333 email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why advertise with us!

Looking at the Google Analytics below you will discover we reach over 7 million people online and do about 80 million page views per month, we are only second to google when it comes to online adertisement in Africa. Call us on 08140806869, 07014039333 for details 

Google analytics cpanel statistiics alternative adverts

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About us

Alternative Adverts


Alternative Adverts Ltd is Nigeria's and Africa’s leading online advertising platform, No 1 Online advertising and Digital Marketing company.

We offers website and mobile site operators the ability to monetize their traffic. The adserver alternativeadvert.com is a contextual Pay Per Click and CPM advertising marketplace offering access to thousands of advertisers, and helping publishers monetize the traffic. Visit http://www.alternativeadvert.com for more.

Our adserver www.alternativeadvert.com offers advertisers a single marketing platform to reach thier targeted audience within Nigeria, Africa, worldwide and across thousands of relevant online & mobile platforms.

Digital marketing via Social networking, newspaper websites, blogs and other forms of digital marketing have taken over the advertising scene. Online advertising has been proven to be the most impactful and cost effective medium of advertising goods, services and events in our time. This is because it is measurable, precise, affordable and target oriented. Visit https://www.alternativeadvert.com/advertiser_join.php to rgister as an advertiser.

If you want to monitize your website please visit https://www.alternativeadvert.com/publisher_join.php to register as a publisher and join the league of major websites owners who are already making money as our publishers like punchng.com,guardian.ng,bellanaija.com, tori.ng, hotnigerianjobs.com, dailytimes.ng ,ogbongeblog.com,hottestgist.com, naijatechguide.com,premiumtimesng.com etc.

Alternative Adverts has made it easy to advertise on multiple websites. From a single platform, your advert will appear on most of the Major Nigerian Newspapers websites Online, like Punch, Vanguard, Guardian, Complete Sport, Nigerian Business Directory etc. Also on Major Blog sites and Websites in Africa and beyond at an affordable price.

Feel free to reach us on 2347014039333 | 2348140806869 for details, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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GSM Phone number and email database nigeria

gsm database

GSM Phone number and Email Database, most accurate and authentic email contacts and gsm phone database in Nigeria grouped by various categories

Have you failed to achieve the desired result in any of your digital marketing campaign?  The reason you failed woefully is because you did not have the right contacts or you targeted the wrong audience. There are a so many young guys out there and even companies that claim to have GSM Phone numbers and email contacts database in Nigeria, but majority of the database are junks and unverified contacts.

Bulk email marketing in Nigeria and benefits to businesses

We do not just provide you genuine and verified GSM phone numbers and Email database of people living and working in Nigeria, we also provide you with the platform to send your message. Listed below are the available Email database and phone number database and their prices.

EMAILS Database (Available Bulk Email contacts)

100,000 Top Business and Organizations – N40, 000

131,000 SME Contacts, Email, Number, Company name, Address etc. N80, 000

100,000 Lagos Contacts- N35, 000

300,000 Top Ecommerce Customers- N70, 000

100,000 Top bank customers - N35, 000

14,000 High connected individual and corporate organization in Nigeria N25, 000

300,000 Lagos students email addresses N50, 000

65,536 Nigerian Emails nationwide –N15, 000

2,000 Top bankers emails N20, 000

22,000 Gsm/Email Lagos Execs- N25, 000

All the Bulk email contacts worth about N400,000 but you can get all for N200,000, offer is availabel to a limited numbers of individuals and organisations

GSM Phone number Database (Aavailable Nigerian GSM phone contacts)

1. National GSM Database -21 million- N100, 000

2. Database of NYSC Members - 20,000- N15, 000

3. Database of School Owners - 80,000 – N25, 000

4. Database of Teachers-15,000 – N10, 000

5. Database of Engineers- 15,000- N10, 000

6. Database of Car Owners- 1Million - N50, 000

7. Database of Pastors in Nigeria – 23000 - N35, 000

8. Database of CEO’s, Architects - 15,000- N15, 000

9. Database of DSTV/Telecoms staff- 50,000- N25, 000

10.Lagos street by street- 4 Million – N50,000

11. 30 Universities student GSM database- N30, 000

12. Oil and Gas workers – N25, 000

23.17,000 Surulere Biz owners- N30, 000

All the GSM phone numbers are worth about N420,000 but you can get all for N210,000, offer is availabel to a limited numbers of individuals and organisations

Call 08140806869 or 07014039333 for more information


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