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Stanbic IBTC remits N200billion pension fund

Stanbic IBTC remits N200billion pension fund

Till date Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited has disbursed over N200billion, under the contributory pension scheme, CPS,  as a monthly pension to retirees

Mr Eric Fajemisin, the Chief Executive of the organization , said it has kept to its promise of ensuring the retirees get their benefits as and when due, and also emphasized the need to build a relationship with customers as well as guide them in making wide decisions with their benefits,

Fajemisin who was represented at the forum by Mr. Oladele Sotubo, the Executive Director, Investments, said: “As people head towards retirement, a decision about the type of life they wish to live in retirement should not be made from the hip, but rather through a well-structured financial planning process. The process, he said, should commence from the day one takes on a first job and involves setting aside part of current income into a retirement savings account.”

“Relationship is very key and these are our clients and so what this forum is actually tailored to achieve is to prepare our customers that are close to retirement- to prepare them as to what it takes, what they need to do and how they need to live after retirement,” he said

Finally, The organization stipulated steps to help people have a better-life, which they have always envisaged after retirement, at the forum

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China faces loosing grip on the Nigerian tomato paste market

China faces loosing grip on the Nigerian tomato paste market

The minister of state for industry, trade and investment Hajia Aisha Abubakar, In  a tour/inspection  at the Erisco food limited facility, Discloses that, federal government has decided to implement its policy on locally made tomato paste as against the importation of substantial tomato paste in the country,

The minister also noted that the reason behind this policy was to salvage the problem of tomato scarcity in the country following the outbreak of tuta absoluta (tomato ebola) few months back.

It’s no News that local tomato producing companies have refused to grow because of the activities of people who smuggle tomato paste from china and other countries into Nigeria, that was why the CEO, Erisco foods noted in an interview with vanguard that “we have the capacity to meet the demands of  Nigeria and export more but there is no market share”

 Therefore, It’s tentative to note that, with this new step by the Nigerian government, the Chinese would reduce their product price or face being sent out of the local market by this policy or the forces of demand and supply, these can be further buttressed by Alhaji Sani Dangote’s point , the Chairman of the newly established Dangote Farms in Kano, he mentioned that the Chinese are gradually becoming jittery because they suspect their grip on the market will be terminated. In order for them to still own a significant share, they may be forced to reduce their prices so as to reduce the demand for Dangote’s version of the product.

According to the Minister, the major decision Nigeria has taken in this regard is to develop a tomato policy under the National Industrial Revolution Programme, when noting that a technical committee to draft the policy would kick off this week, perhaps getting an approval before the next tomato season

On the approval of this policy the government plans to engage farmers with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and other related ministries, for the achievement of the policy goal .

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How to advertise or Promote Businesses & services online in Nigeria

How to advertise or Promote Businesses & services online in Nigeria

How to advertise or Promote Businesses & services online in Nigeria using free or paid option

Online advertisement is like the life wire of every business these days.

For new and existing businesses in Nigeria, advertisement and business promotion are essential to the sustenance of every business.

A German saying states that “Every business that stop advertising starts dying”

The good news is that since the advents of internet businesses can get involved in either paid or free adverts. The important of online advertisement in Nigeria cannot be over emphasized because it establishes your business, product or brands in the minds of people more than anything else.

I will give a little detail below on how to advertise or Promote Businesses & services online in Nigeria using both free or paid option

Paid option

There are several major online advertising platforms you can chose from like;

Free option

Classified websites in Nigeria

On the classified sites you can upload almost anything and everything for free and sell them at your own price, classified websites remain the easiest ad best way to advertise online for free.

Nigeria Business directories

You can register with any of the business directory and list your business for free



Forum website also provides individuals with the opportunity to network and advertise/promote the products or services free


Ecommerce and market place sites in Nigeria

Today e-commerce is no longer new, and those who cannot create they own e-commerce store because of the high cost, technical know-how and other challenges can sign up with the existing market place and sell their goods or services on those websites like;

Feel free to leave comment below or add other website or platform you know that are not listed above, the lists are actually not exhaustive believe there are many more.

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