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CBN limit offshore spending limit on naira debits cards

CBN limit offshore spending limit on naira debits cards

Offshore spending limit on naira debits cards by CBN

Since the central bank of Nigeria has placed spending limit on the naira debit card it is becoming increasingly difficult for Nigerians to do foreign transaction.

On the 11th of October Bank Customers noticed that $250 is the maximum oversea spending limit on naira debit card.

On the 13th of October it was further reduced from $250 to $100 maximum oversea spending limit on naira debit card.

The policy has made things difficult for the IT industry as many companies were stranded for days not knowing what to do or how to pay their foreign providers.

To make matter worse banks did not send the regular circular ahead as they usually do informing their customers of the new policy, I cannot tell if it is a directive from CBN not to inform the public or it was a deliberate attempt by the banks to keep their customers in the dark.

Before now Nigerians shop online with their naira debit cards and some pay for some other services like websites hosting and the likes, but with the spending limit most of the companies oversea will start losing their Nigeria clients because most people will look for local alternative services providers.

It is time to look out for local providers for most of your services another option is to buy dollars from the black market and fund your dollar account.

In my opinion patronizing the local vendors will go a long way in solving the naira crisis.

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Bulk Voice SMS and Robocall in Nigeria

Bulk Voice SMS and Robocall in Nigeria

Bulk Voice SMS and Robocall in Nigeria, resellers wanted and those who wish to provide the service to others.

Looking to send or broadcast Voice SMS and Robot call in Nigeria, we are the leading voice SMS (Robo call) provider in Nigeria and prices are affordable see the details below

60 sec = N12                                                                   

45 sec = N9

30 sec = N7

15 sec = N4

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You can record your voice message and we can also record it for you by calling your number so you can make the speech and we save it from our office.

Voice SMS (Robot call) you can record your message in your language or dialect and broadcast it to millions of people at once.

We have over 100 million GSM Phone numbers of people living and working in Nigeria grouped by states and local government are you can use, some has names, gender, age, occupation to help you target your audience precisely.

Voice SMS or Robo call is "the" service of the moment. This service is having a very good success in Africa, Asia and America. It takes advantage of the most popular service of mobile network: SMS.

Voice SMS offers the same type of service while adding all the richness and emotion of voice.

This days Voice SMS solution allows to offer all the advantages of classical Voice SMS while using the powerful and recognized multi service platform that opens the support of all products for all range of capacities going from some E1 to hundreds of E1.

       Voice SMS offers the following behavior:

   caller calls voice sms service and leave a message for the called user

   called user receives either an sms notification or directly an outcall of voice SMS

   called user listen to the message and can reply by a simple click on the phone

   callers can be notified that his message has been heard

Attract new customers for the service by offering a service that works in a viral model. Neither receivers don't need to subscribe to receive a voice sms nor users don't need to subscribe to send voice sms messages.

Call 07014039333, 08140806869 for details

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Fg embeds finance education in primary/secondary curriculum

Fg embeds finance education in primary/secondary curriculum



In an attempt to improve the financial literacy of Nigerians, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), in conjunction with the Nigeria Education Research Development Council (NERDC) would commence the teaching of financial education, for all levels of the Nigerian education system.

At a press briefing on Tuesday in Lagos, Haijia Umar Dutse who is the Director, Consumer Protection, CBN, announced that the essence of this move is to teach children on how to be better financial managers.

In the words of Haijia Dutse, “I cease this medium to thank the CBN and the stakeholders for the support they have given to undertake this project.

“Of course we know that financial education is not an activity an individual or an organization can effectively carryout, because its framework has taken the approach and so, all hands must be on deck so as to achieve an expected result. I am very happy saying that with the commitment of the various stakeholders, I think this has a long way to go and at the end of the year, this country will be a reference point with the development of the curriculum”. She said.

The executive Secretary, Nigeria Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC), Professor Ismail Junaidu said that one of the greatest lessons learnt from the recent global financial crises, resulting to the collapse of the Nigerian financial system of course lack of consumer and we are aware that the Nigerian Consumers lack knowledge and skill to enable them to understand financial concepts and to enhance their financial wellbeing by managing their personal financial matters.

In his words “As part of the efforts to address the issue on ground, the Federal Government had launched a National Financial Inclusion Strategy in 2012 which placed a high premium amongst the rest on financial literacy which is a measure route to the achieving this goal.

“The development of a financial education in both the primary, secondary and tertiary school curriculum has to be inculcated, in order to imbibe a desired financial habit in the minds of the citizenry from a very young age to adulthood to enhance good financial decisions” she added.

“Due to this huddle, the project of developing a financial school curriculum for our Nigerian Education at both basic and secondary school level is taking place under the auspices of the financial Group regulators; CBN, NDIC, PENCOM, NAICOM, NSE, GIZ, bankers committee, MercyCorps, NGOs and other stakeholders” he continued.

According to Professor Junaidu, the innovative curriculum which has been approved by the Federal Ministry of Education comprises of various themes as, money, savings, credit, insurance, deposit insurance, pension planning and budgeting, capital market, financial landscape and entrepreneurship.

He further added “each of this theme contains various concepts, activities, contents, learning resources and evaluation guides, which are sequenced and graduated for an effective implementation and learning objectives in their various lessons and schools”- Thisday.

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