Display advertising or display ads as they are more commonly referred to advertising on websites, apps or social media either through banners or other formats made up of texts, images, videos or audio.

The major purpose of a display ad is to deliver general advertisements and messages to visitors of a site. The advertisement and promotional messages of a brand become visible on the site of a third party.

This will help to increase the purchasing intention of the target audience.

This is one of the reasons digital advertising has become a popular strategy in digital marketing today.

With its visual and targeting abilities, display adverts offer many benefits to a business, from making the business visible to raising awareness for the brand to reach the exact the audience the business is targeting.

But if you have not been exploiting this as part of your overall digital marketing strategy, then here are 3 benefits of display adverts.

1. Display adverts are visually appealing. 

Since the adverts created have graphic content, they can be designed and styled. Regular SEM (Search Engine Marketing) ads contain only text and have character counts thus limiting how effectively and quickly you are able to capture attention and convey the advertising message.

With display adverts, you can use graphics, video, audio and company branding to stand out and attract attention.

2. Display adverts support brand awareness.

The visual content of display ads also benefits your business by facilitating brand awareness. With a PPC (Pay Per Click) advert, users have to read the text on the ad and then click through to a landing page to learn about the business and what it has to offer. 

Since display ads are branded and styled, often with an offer, a target audience can gather information on your brand simply by seeing your display ad, no click necessary.

3. Display adverts help to target effectively.

When online advertising, it is important to identify the target audience (the people who are most relevant to your business). Just as with SEM and Facebook Targeting Adverts, you can create specific parameters for your display ads such as which sites they appear on, which geographic area they appear in, which demographic or niche market they appear to.

For example, a car dealership can target people of driving age who live in their zip code and are visiting auto-related websites. The benefit of targeting your display ads is that you can maximize your spend.

Other benefits of display advertising include: providing data, supporting retargeting and increasing the visibility of a brand/business.

Two students at Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCor) ran studies on target audience reactions to different formats of display advertising. They took into consideration two types of format- sponsored content and banner advertising to demonstrate that people react and perceive format in different ways both positive and negative.

Choosing the right medium will ensure that the brand gets the best out of using the medium.

To help better select the right format for the advert, Interactive Advertising Bureau has set up a Display Standard Ad Unit portfolio that can serve as a guideline to be followed by Advertisers. 

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