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Famine, flood and waterborne disease attacks delta coastline

Famine, flood and waterborne disease attacks delta coastline



Delta State Coastline, Local government areas of Patani, Momadi and a part of Burutu has been crammed by famine and waterborne diseases.

Following this devastation of famine and water contamination by the perennial flooding, which overflows its banks, a community leader from Patani, Chief Richman Yinbiri, spoke with correspondence.

He said that farmers from Patani, Aven, Agaloma, Abare and Angiama were taken unexpectedly by the magnitude of the flood, making it difficult for them to rescue their various crops from the farmland.

According to Yinbiri, the situation was so tough; the water current became so high to an extent that it was announced within the vicinity that no one should venture into the high tide and such current areas to uproot tuber crops to avoid being drowned.

In the words of Yinbiri “because of the strict monitoring and compliance, most families are almost dying of starvation and even the few basic food items that managed to get into these affected areas such as garri, plantain, cocoyam, pepper and other farm produce have extremely increased in price”, he explained.

Bomadi Council Area has no difference in situation, as most of the communities including Ogriagbene, Esanma, Ogbein-ama, Akugbene, Okolaba and Ogo-Eze communities, with majority of their locals as farmers and petty fishermen were badly hurt by the flood, which out banked the River Forcados and River Ramos.

The immediate past community chairman of Esanma, Mr. Oyas Omoro, said that the flood did not only render Esanma residents homeless, but had also brought the waterborne diseases to the entire Delta Coastline communities.

Mr. Omoro complained in his voice “the only source of drinking water has been contaminated by the flood.

“To make things worse, the only accessible road linking this community with Gbaregolor has been cut off by the flood”, he said.

In addition, Mr. Omoro pleaded with the State Government and other well meaning Nigerians to come in aid of the Delta Coastline communities.

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Saturday, 20 July 2019
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