MEGA MALL NIGERIA: The Amazon in Nigeria


Everyone loves shopping on Amazon, unfortunately,  you don’t only have to source for dollars to make your purchases, but you also have to wait for months to take delivery of those purchases.

But the good news is we now have that Amazon in Nigeria.

Mega Mall is Nigeria’s fastest growing online marketplace bringing together both Sellers and Buyers, wherever they are located in the country.

From fashion items; clothes, shoes, bags to mobile phones and tablets, laptops, gadgets and electronics to real estate, cars and finding jobs, Mega Mall is an online marketplace you can be sure of finding virtually anything you are looking for.

All you have to do is to sign up for free to start enjoying the added exposure Mega Mall can offer your business.

The platform was specifically designed for two categories of people in mind.


You don’t have to spend all your time looking for where you to buy anything in Nigeria again.

We bring those people to your doorstep.

I guess you already know about that ancient marketplace where you get a lot of sellers offering you the same products at comparative prices and you get to pick and choose?

That is exactly what Mega Mall does, except that you don’t have to move. You can continue to see your telenovela while we bring them to you.

All you have to do is to make your choice and thank us later.

So if you have any need for phones, the accessories, laptop, fashion and beauty items or you are just seeking for a job, then Mega Mall has got you covered.

I guess you are excited now and wondering on how to start buying immediately.

Just click the Sign-Up button and register.

The good thing is that you can register with your Gmail account, Facebook or any other valid e-mail address.

I guess that is pretty easy.

To start selling immediately, then rush down to the appropriate category or product page to start checking out the things you need, and once you are satisfied with, then contact the seller.

Before you continue seeing your telenovela, don’t forget to tweet or share your new product to your friends.


Thanks to Mega Mall, you don’t need to set up a shop to sell in Nigeria again.

All you need to do is just sign up on Mega Mall and we would do just that for you and also take you to your customers.

Whatever product you are selling, you are all covered.

Fortunately, it’s absolutely free!

But if you can’t wait to start making money online, then here is a List of Fast-selling Products on Megamall.

So, how do I start selling on Mega Mall?

I guess you might be asking now. Just take these simple steps below:

  • Take pictures of the product or get images for services you’re trying to advertise first of all.
  • Log in to your Megamall account
  • Then click on Post Ad on the bottom right corner
  • Enter Ad details: Title, description, price, image etc.

A little advice for you, be sure to use a title that will make people want to buy from you. Remember it is a marketplace and you are not the only one selling that product and don’t forget to include a fair process so that you won’t send your customers running.

When you upload your ad successfully, it would be sent to Admin for review.

I guess you understand the reason for this.

Fortunately, it takes less than 24 hours for Admin to review ads. If there is an issue with your ad, then be sure to receive a phone call from our Technica Support Team

If approved, your ads would go live immediately and you would receive an email to that effect.


So here are safety tips to adhere strictly to when shopping online, not just on Mega Mall.

  • Do not make payments online. Be sure to meet the seller in person and assess products thoroughly before making payment finally.
  • Do not agree to a third party delivery option, meet the seller in person and ascertain that everything is fine before making payment.
  • Don’t jump at outrageous offers, too good to be good prices and unrealistic discounts. If your instincts are telling you this is not true then it probably isn’t
  • Never disclose bank information like your BVN, Passwords, bank account details eBay/PayPal details etc.
  • Avoid meeting buyers/sellers in secluded areas. Choose open spaces to meet with them
  • Beware of fake information requests and fee requests via email or call. Megamall doesn’t ask for personal information and doesn’t demand payment from buyers before items are purchased.
  • Do not accept requests to use money transfer services such as Western Union and Money Gram because they predispose you to be scammed.

At Mega Mall, we have taken conscious efforts to give you a perfect online experience.

We are waiting to see you soon.

Anyway, don’t forget to share, and you can also subscribe to our mailing list to receive regular updates from us.

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