Nigerian Bloggers: 5 Ways They Are Killing Their Blog Using Nairaland

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Nigerian Bloggers on Nairaland are killing their blog in a way I believe they don’t even know.

This is not preposterous. The truth is I have never seen a single one that has never made any of the 5 mistakes.

Anyway, I guess you already know what Nairaland is?

I am also pretty sure you are aware that it is now an emerging den for Bloggers in Nigeria.

This is not surprising.

Who won’t want to take advantage of the third largest forum in the world?

The truth is nobody.

But unfortunately, most of them are not doing this appropriately and this is not only embarrassing, but it is also killing their blogs without them even knowing.

But learning the appropriate ways of using Nairaland to grow their traffic is necessary if they intend to survive in a shark-infested world of freelance blogging.

Fortunately, here are the 5 things they need to stop doing.

Mis-leading titles

Titles are meant to tell the audience in a nutshell what to expect from the article.

But in the case of these bloggers, it seems this is not true.

But one thing they fail to understand is that manipulating Nairalanders to visit their blogs using misleading but sensational titles will lead to a high bounce rate.

The reason for this is simple.

When the visitors land on the blog and found out that they had been scammed with a click bait, common sense will make them hit the back button without sparing a thought.

These unanimous actions will cause the blogs to have bounce rates that are very close to 100%.

Since Google is not comfortable with blogs with high bounce rates, their search engine rankings will suffer.

I don’t think there is a point in having a blog that will be so deeply buried in Google’s search pages results.

The truth is it is not just the SEO that will suffer, but also the reputation of the blog and the Blogger.

Who wants to associate with a scammer?


It is so embarrassing seeing the same stories words for words on different blogs.

This is not surprising unless you are new on Nairaland.

If there is something some Nigerian Bloggers knows how to do best, it is their ability to copy and paste, though exceptions can be made for just a handful of them.

It is a pity these Bloggers wake up one morning and start blogging without being properly oriented about the Google’s Panda’s algorithm.

This is a Google algorithm that penalizes websites for plagiarism, duplicate contents, thin contents, user-generated spam, and keywords stuffing.

It is true that it is very difficult to source for original and quality news, so I will not blame them for reporting the same news. But it is not that difficult to report that same news from a unique angle.

For instance, instead of following the hoards to report that the Federal Government will be spending about 269 billion Naira on health in 2018 budget, they should try to report that same news on how much the government will be spending per person.

Tell me who won't want to read news with the sensational headline like, “FG to spend less than #1500 per person on health in 2018”?

They might also decide to report this same news as a comparative analysis with another similar country or using controversial undertone.

But the bottom line is that they should try to add some originality to their reportage. This also includes developing their unique writing style.

Incomplete articles

It is unfortunate how this group of Nigerian Bloggers has turned themselves into “shameless traffic beggars”.

But traffic is something that is earned, not begged for.

An average human has an attention span of fewer than 10 seconds. These bloggers try to exploit this by posting a few captivating paragraphs and then direct the audience to their blog for the full article.

But one thing they fail to understand is that this practice is not just annoying, but also nobody is ready to read an article they know they will have to spend additional time and data looking for the complete version.

The proper way to earn this traffic from Nairaland is by writing high-quality articles and posting the full version and the source, which in this case is your blog.

But make sure you post this first on your blog so that Google wouldn’t flag it as a duplicate content when it finally appeared on your blog.

If the readers are impressed with the quality of the article, the truth is they will click your link for more.

If your blog offers them the user experience they like, then you might be having a loyal visitor soon. So it is important you optimize your blog for users’ experience.

You might also consider posting the link to another article after the source to drive traffic to your blog.

A simple anchor text can suffice. Something like:

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Discriminate use of paragraphs

One thing I have noticed about these Bloggers is their shyness in the use of paragraphs.

I don’t understand why they do that, but the truth is I find it very difficult to read long articles with paragraphs that are cluttered with long and many sentences.

If an author cannot compress a single thought into a short paragraph of fewer than 10 seconds read, I have no business with that article.

I believe it not just me; an average online reader feels the same.

The truth is breaking down an article into short paragraphs will make an easier read.

Treating Nairaland as the only source of traffic

Though this does not pose any harm to the blogs, treating Nairaland as the only source of traffic means the blog will miss out on other traffics sources.

They can reach a wider audience by syndicating the article on Medium.

The good thing about Medium is that the canonical tags will always let Google know that the original content belongs to your blog.

Another great way of reaching this wider audience is by publishing all the articles as a weekly news round-up in the form of a Flip Magazine like this example and also sharing the magazine on social media or mailing it to the blog’s email subscribers.

Depending on the type of article, especially those without an expiration date like marketing and educational contents, they can also repurpose them into Presentations and host them on Slideshare like this example or embed them on their blog like this example.

They can also decide to repurpose them into slide videos and post them on Youtube, embed them on Medium or upload to facebook like the example here.

If the article was written to answer a pressing question, then they can take advantage of Quora to reach a wider audience.

They can do this by searching for that question on Quora and repurposing the article a bit to provide the answer to that question like the example here.

You can equally guest-blog on a high traffic blog in Nigeria and then find a way to link back to your website. But don’t forget to ensure that the website has a higher domain authority than yours.

In conclusion

Cutting corners doesn’t pay, rather hard work does.

Learning the appropriate way to use Nairaland will help young Bloggers in Nigeria to grow their blog traffic and reach a wider audience.

If you think you learn something today or have someone who might need these tips, then don’t forget to share.

Or if you think your blog is suffering from low traffic or doing poorly on Google search ranking, then don’t forget to contact us for a free SEO audit.

If you are interested, then Get Your Free Audit now.

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