5 Reasons You Should Try Search Engine Marketing in Nigeria

search engine marketing

I guess you already know that about 1.2 billion people are using the Search Engine.

I also believe that you are aware that out of millions of search results for each query only 10 show up on the front page.

Research from Ignite Visibility shows that those that rank on the first four pages get the following click-through rates 20.5%, 13.32%, 13.14% and 8.98% respectively, while the 10th ranking page gets 7.95%.

But the bad news is getting on that front page is not an easy task especially if you are not using a good SEO Agency in Nigeria.

The good news is that Google made provision for brands to bid to occupy especially paid positions on the front page.

Though the average click-through rate for that is 2%, the truth is it is still better than ranking deep down Google bottomless pit.

So it is important you start considering incorporating this into your overall digital marketing strategy if you have not started doing that.

But first, you need to understand what this Search Engine Marketing is.

So what is Search Engine Marketing?

It is a method of marketing that involves increasing the visibility of websites through paid advertising and promotions.

Here Advertisers add relevant keywords to their search ads and bid against other competitors to appear for those keywords when prospective customers search for them on the Google Search Engine.

Fortunately, you are not always charged the amount you bid for, but the amount necessary to get you above the highest bidder. What this means that if the highest bidder bided $1.03, and you bided $2, you would only be charged $1.04, which is the amount necessary to outbid your competitor.

Interesting things about the entire set up is that Google doesn’t depend entirely on your bids to make you win a bidding auction, but other factors like quality score, that is your ad relevancy, how useful the landing page is, are also considered, including the impacts of your ad extensions.

So if you are still considering whether to incorporate this search marketing into your overall strategy, then these 5 reasons might convince you to change your mind.

So here are why you should start using Search Marketing in Nigeria

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

It helps to build traffic

Search Engine Marketing will help drive traffic back to your website.

The truth is if you are not a big brand like MTN Nigeria, GT Bank, Mega Mall and the others nobody would know who are you are and what you do.

But optimizing for keywords that your prospective customers are searching for on Google would help you to become invisible to them.

A click on the search result would take them to your website right way.

If you have an optimized landing page, then be rest assured you would be having new customers soon.

If you are not sure of your landing page or you think it not converting as you wished, then don’t hesitate to contact us for a free audit.

It helps you to reach ready customers

Imagine advertising to people who are already searching for the kind of products you sell online.

The truth is the majority of people who search for products online will be willing to pay.

The good thing about Search Engine Marketing in Nigeria is that it helps you to reach this kind of people.

I guess this sounds so exciting?

It drives immediate results.

Who doesn’t love immediate results?

Of course, only an insane mind does. But the fact that you are here means you are not insane. So it important you start considering trying out a Search Engine Marketing campaign in Nigeria.

The truth is you won’t regret it.

Unlike in traditional marketing where you have to stand under the sun beckoning on customers who might not be interested at that time, Search Engine Marketing allows you to reach them when they are most likely to buy.

Greater Return on Investment

It sucks when you spend heavily on an investment without knowing how much it is bringing to you.

This is one reason I hate non-digital advertisements.

Imagine spending millions of Naira advertising in Newspapers, televisions or Bill Boards without knowing how much that huge amount is bringing to the table.

This is one of the numerous deficiencies search campaigns try to correct. It helps you keep an accurate tab on your return on investments.

The good thing is that you can even shut down a campaign if you think it is no longer meeting up to your objectives.

Flexible budgeting

Like I just said, you can shut down a campaign if you are no longer comfortable with the results.

This is one of the flexibilities Search Engine Marketing offers.

Apart from this, you can equally set your budget based on your ability to pay or on your marketing objectives. You can always scale this up or down depending on how you are meeting those objectives.

If you find out a particular keyword in your ad group is generating more conversions for you, then you can increase the bid for those keywords to capture more customers.

But if you are clueless on how to go about this, then you can settle for automatic bidding and Google will always adjust them for you to deliver the best possible result.

There are a lot of advertising networks you can possibly use today, but if you are looking to have your single ad served simultaneously on over 10,000 high traffic websites in Nigeria, then definitely you would love Alternative Adverts.

The good news is that it is the largest online advertising network in Africa, all you have to do is to register as an Advertiser.

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