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Lamppost Advertising in Nigeria: 15 Locations That Get Results


Lamp post advertising in Nigeria comes with super-amazing opportunities for SMEs and large corporations.

It helps them to reach bigger audiences, and create enduring brand impressions. As one of the oldest forms of outdoor advertising in Nigeria, lamp post advertising provides guaranteed brand exposure to specific places where desired customers reside.

But if you’re are still contemplating on whether lamppost advertising in Nigeria is meant for your business, then you need to see this:

According to Financial Times Nigeria, the revenue from outdoor advertising in 2013 alone reached N23.8billion and has witnessed a geometric progression since then suggesting that more businesses are investing in out-of-home advertising and so should you.

If your business located in either Lekki, Victoria Island, Surulere, Ikeja etc., in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria like Abuja, Port Harcourt, Enugu, Kano, Kaduna, Anambra, Imo state? Then, that is a good news.

But if it is in Lagos or Abuja, that is even better.

I’ve put together a list of powerful locations in Lagos that would get you results.

So here are 15 locations for your Lamp Post advertising in Nigeria

But before we dive in, here is a quote for you:

Conveying a brand message in fewer words with thought-provoking way is an art, and doing that in high traffic location where ads will be strategically displayed is like a potent charm.

So I have nothing much to say again, so let’s dive in.


Ozumba Mbadiwe

These lampposts are strategically positioned close to Falomo Bridge along Ozumba Mbadiwe Road to reach the busy elites plying this road on a daily basis. The lamp post is in close proximity to Muri Okunola Park and Law School Bus Stop.
This works very efficiently for advertisers who desire to reach a large audience, busy professionals, and business owners any time of the day.

Lekki phase 1/11 to Chevron

All these places are high-traffic locations with almost predictable massive exposure for businesses. That is why you find a lot of lampposts, street light adverts and billboards there trying to compete for the attention of the several people that ply these roads every day  

Admiralty Way

Located at the very heart of Lagos Island, lampposts in admiralty way can help you reach islanders faster than any other one. Regarded as one of islands busiest roads with a lot of side attractions including eateries, supermarkets, parks, bars, mini halls, pizza joints, this road is plied by a majority of island residents making it a hot spot for lamppost advertising in Lagos.   

Adebola Odeku

This is arguably one of the most popular areas on the high land and definitely a high-traffic location for your outdoor advertising campaigns in Nigeria.

Ahmadu Bello Way

In Ahmadu Bello way alone, we have Domino's pizza, Nigerian Institute of Oceanography and Marine Research, Disney kitchen among other top places, it’s therefore not a surprise that this kind of location will grant massive exposure to your lamppost, billboards and other forms of outdoor advertising in Nigeria.

Falomo Ikoyi

Located in the most affluent neighborhood in the city of Lagos, Ikoyi, the lampposts in Falomo Street can help you get more results than other streets put together helping to achieve great results from your outdoor advertising in Nigeria.

Akin Adesola Ikoyi

If you want to target the affluent, rich and influential guys, lampposts in Ain Adesola in Ikoyi might be your go-to option.

Alfred Rewane Road Ikoyi

Also a high-traffic location Alfred Rewane road is one of the best places to place your lamp post adverts in Nigeria.  

Osborn Road Ikoyi

This is the road for the luxury apartment owners on the island and a perfect location to carry out your lamppost advertising and other outdoor advertising campaigns


Also at the heart of Lagos Island, Marina is a prove hotspot that can guarantee you over 90% reach within that community which is higher than most other locations in Lagos.


Ikorodu road by Anthony Maryland

One of the most plied locations on the mainland is Ikorodu road, several people going to different routes take this way thereby increasing chances of your lampposts being read and acted on

Alausa Ikeja

Ikeja is the livewire of Lagos Mainland. The center of most business activities and is usually a very busy area. Business owners driving, professionals, rushing to their workplaces, commuters going about their daily businesses, the reach is usually high.

Ikeja GRA

The who is whos of mainland stay on Ikeja GRA and ply the roads. Same with the top businesses on the mainland. Lamppost advertising in this area guarantees reach to quality, high-end clients

Apapa GRA

Reach the exact customers that are looking for you on Apapa GRA. This road had one of the highest traffics on the mainland and get you above the reach you need.

3rd Mainland Bridge

This is the road linking the Mainland to the Island and one of the highest traffic locations in the whole of Lagos state.

The reach on this road is always at an all-time high.

The good thing about this location is that it conveys mostly majority of the Lagos working class population and placing your out-of-home adverts would make you stand firmly before people who have the ability to pay.

In conclusion

Lamp post advertising in Nigeria can help your business in numerous ways.

I don’t need to start mentioning them one after the other, but I believe these 4 statistics would not just clear your mind, but would also blow them to shreds.

But before choosing your outdoor advertising agency in Nigeria, you might like to know this:

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Joining the other 3000+ businesses who trust us wouldn’t hurt.


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