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Things to consider that will help you as a business entrepreneur

Things to consider that will help you as a business entrepreneur


There are basic things you need to know as an entrepreneur for your business or business ideas you share and create for family and friends to become independent, reliable and firm.

PLAN: This explains the title of business or as you may have it, the type or kind of business you will like to do

STRATEGY: This in simple words explains the tactics you intend to use for this business (style you wants in the business)

ORIENTATION: This is the guidelines you need to know before embarking on this business, fortification in reasoning is needed.

POSITION: This is where you admire to center the business arena for easy  location, good vicinity in a secured environment.

EXPOSURE: This have to do with possible awareness for the varieties of goods or products you have with you and equally availalble for sale. This is also the (exposure) main point of focus among the five listed above, because it determines the quality of set of goods/ product you have in your domain.

It explains in more comprehensible way about how you advertise your products online.

Here, we have all you have been looking. We can advertise your goods/ products through any platform. Eg  SOCIAL MEDIA, BULK SMS, ONLINEADVERT etc.

Visit this site below and get any kind of exposure for your product in any chosen platform.

Tested and trusted, call or get us for more details via 012931183, 08140806869

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Most of your business competitors have websites. So you thought of having one too, but you are not so sure of how it will benefit your business. Should I just get a website because my competitors already have theirs?  If that’s your sole reason of having a website, then you are just about to make a bad decision.

Worry less and don’t stress yourself much because online media will help you in designing a website for easy redefining of your business and trust me, it’s going to be the best decision you will ever make concerning your business.

Creating a website for your business will help you create an interactive environment for your customers, keep your information up to date, sell your products and services while you sleep, reach out to lots of people, kill competitions and lots more.


You can also call Rachael on 08140806869, 012931183 for more details

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Small businesses can learn a lot about free samples from the word of SaaS (software as a service). Online software services have a variety of pricing models, but most of them offer something along the following lines:

      A one month free trial

      Data for one domain at no cost

      A sign up for the basic plan for free

Most SaaS companies know that people hesitate about signing up for a new service. But offering a free trial means you can see what the service is like, with no risk. SaaS companies also understand that somebody that is already using their service for free is more likely to  upgrade to a paid subscription than is a total staranger. Here are 4 creative ways to turn free samples into a bigger profits, whether it’s a SaaS business or not.

1.             Free samples as part of your branding.

This week I am a proud owner of 2 huge boxes of natures path cereals, thanks to a taste test last week at Costco. Already the brand is one of my favourites, I even found a flavor my wife and daughter would like and also discovered that I pay less at Costo than at my local store. That free sample probably sold me dozens of boxes of cereal over the months to come. Another thing that is amazing about Costo is how it has made free samples part of its broader marketing plan. There are times when we have gone to costo just because our stomachs were grumpy and there were free foods to sample while we shopped.

2.                Free samplers as a customer bonus.

My Australia friend found out that she gets free samples when she orders for her hair products. Recreate you sends 2 free samples with every order. To the customer, it’s a bonus gift. Its like getting more than you paid for. Then for the company, it’s a way to expand tehe number of products it sells to each customer.

3.               Free samplers to start a new business.

EvEvery start up knows how hard it is to make waves in this era of information overload free samples is one way to get people to stop and take note . If I want to open a new restaurant, I will have someone standing outside the door offering a free sample of one of the dishes to everyone who walks in or walks by the restaurant, along with a business card or take out menu.

4.                Free samples to sponsor an event.


People build an affinity for events in which they participate. When my daughter and I ran the colour run this semester, We trained for some months, when it was over, we took some souveinirs home. Sponsoring events is a great branding because you can connect with your audience members where they are emotionally invested. So what a great place to offer free samples.


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