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You have the tendency to being a victim of cyber attacks if you don’t protect your investment and your business now! In recent time cyber attacks is racking havoc on companies and organisations in Europe, USA and Asia. Especially In the past few days ransomware has been on the loose crashing so many computers, damaging company files, digital assets and halting businesses.

Have are you prepared for the worst? Have you trained your human resources and IT personnel to manage the situation? Have you taken some precautionary and proactive measures to reduce the impact if your business or organization is hit?

The cyber space is constantly evolving to offer more opportunities to individuals, businesses and the public sector. Alongside these opportunities, organisations need to be prepared to deal with an increased number of threats to ensure cyber security, prevent cyber-attack, detect cyber crime and protect networks. Data and assets are now more important than ever before, due to this, they need to be protected by all means necessary.

Note: If you browse the Internet with your mobile devices or computer, you stand the risk of being hacked. Nowadays, with every business going online the next thing to worry about is the safety of your business data and asset online. As a business owner, officer, director, or key executive, you are at a higher risk over an average consumer because your personal information, credit and finances are so closely entwined with your business.

If you have been following the news you would have heard of the latest cyber attack using ransomware, the attack has cost companies and organisation in the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Australia etc millions of dollars already. You might say that is does not concern you because it is not in Nigeria yet, but you can’t be too sure, it has not been reported in Nigeria because it has not hit the bigger organisations. Read more on Forbes about the Petya cyber attack and also on New York Times about the ransomware Attack.

My candid advice is that you should protect your business, investment and asset online, it is said that prevention is better than cure, and I will also add that prevention is cheaper than cure. If it had such huge negative impact on multinationals businesses like Maersk shipping line, FedEx, Merck pharmaceutical etc, imagine what will happen to business in the imaging economy like Nigeria and other African countries.

If you would like our cyber security experts training yourself and your staff, you can call us on 08140806869 to book now. We have a very tight schedule because most of our clients who were reluctant have now seen the need for the training, but the early you book the sooner it will get to your turn. Few hundreds of thousands you will spend on training, software and developing security process could save you from losing hundreds of millions of naira and heart ache that comes with aftermath of cyber attacks

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