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Online advertising in Nigeria has for long been a challenge to all business owners. Your aim of advertising a product or service is to reach potential buyers at the least cost.

Though it is a known deal that the traditional advertising is more expensive and ineffective in selling, but in reversing this unsatisfactory trend every business owner must learn how to carry out the online advertising in Nigeria so as to keep old customers and sell to new ones.

Here is an article which focuses on why you should make an online advertisement and the different methods of doing it.
After reading this piece, you will understand various methods of advertising, some of the types of advertisement you can do, how you can launch advertisement campaigns within your budget and how you can take advantage of free advertising opportunities in getting brand loyalty and better publicity for your business.

Why advert?

You should ask yourself this question. ‘Why should I advertise?’ Is it for brand awareness? The more you strategies your aim of advertising, the more you help sell more or expand your business?
Your answers to this question will enable you choose the best advertising channel and message that will persuade likely customers to buy from you.
Today, advertising is moving from the traditional into the internet and digital devices have become effective tools for advertising all over the world.

Since Digital online advertising involve the use of smart phones and tablets, websites and blogs, video marketing on the internet, use of search engines, email marketing, social media marketing and marketing using bulk short message system, that is Choosing the Best Platform to Do Online Advertising Then cost of carrying out a marketing campaign is a deciding factor for many business owners who opt for online advertising than the traditional channels.
The Online advertising is more affordable and easier to launch.

Also, the online advertising guides the former methods are the ease of monitoring results of a marketing campaign online.
The Telecommunication and the Internet Market in Nigeria seem to be the fastest growing in the world.
In Nigeria, youths in love with technology, social media and the internet make up a greater percentage of the population. In addition, millions of young active internet users surf the internet with their mobile phones.

As a business owner, if you are not marketing these youths with over 20 million active Facebook and other social media channel users, you will be advertising to a nonexistent audience.
You should to go where the market is, and that is why you must embrace online advertising whole-heartedly.

Finally, launching successful advertising campaigns with little budget and targeting specific sections of internet users for good sales has become the norm all over the world.


Though there are many ways to reach your customers, but here are some of the ways to advertise with little money.

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You could begin by putting your ads in Google search engine; when you search for information on the Internet using Google search engine, if you type “holidays” into the browser, Google instant will display search terms similar to the words you typed into the browser.
Google gives you search results that are relevant to your need; they collect data of all users searching for solutions to their problems, and compile the statistics of keywords for sale to advertisers.

Advertisers rely on these facts to bid on Google AdWords platform for specific keywords on pay-per-click or other metrics they choose.
For instance, if you bid for “holidays“ every time someone does a search for “holidays”, your advertisement links will show up in the sponsored links section of Google search. If you select pay-per-click ad option, you only pay Google when a searcher clicks on the advertisement.

As people search for “how to do one thing or another” online, people prefer YouTube to Google because videos are easier to understand than ordinary text or pictures. That is why it is been said that a video is worth a billion words.

So, Go ahead and make valuable videos of “how to do things” for people. First, create a connection and become close by helping them for free. Once they accept you, then you could make better videos that address peculiar needs you have identified by relating with them, and sell solutions to them.

Video advertising is a very popular way to sell to customers. Moreover, you can track the number of people who start and complete a transaction through video advertising. Finally, in video advertising, you can target any audience you want by producing good videos.
Business owners or advertisers can take advantage of video adverts through these ways:

a) You can stream videos on rich media banners to reach the market you are targeting. This medium allows the user to watch the advertisement or turn it off anytime they wish. This gives the viewer more freedom whether to see the video or not.

b) In Pre-roll, the viewer has less freedom. For example, the viewer who wants to watch an interview of a personal finance expert must first watch a 15 or 20 seconds video advertisement of how to manage their personal finance.

c) In YouTube, “True View” allows the viewer to skip after watching an online video advertisement for 5 seconds. The viewer has some freedom to skip or watch to the end.
Advertisers are now taking Television commercials and using them as pre-roll.
As you think of how to do online advertising in Nigeria, try these methods. Add some creativity to engage the viewer for longer than five seconds, and give more information to help them decide whether to buy from you or not.

You can advertise through classified advertisements which are free online:

Since some classified advertising websites need you to register before you post your free adverts while some do not, to make their offers more useful for business owners some of these free online-classified advert providers, introduced premium plans. This allows advertisers to display their adverts on their home pages.

The top industry service providers who offer cheap advert solutions are OLX, and Jiji. You can advertise in classified advertisement websites like OLX and Jiji to get more visitors on your sales page.

Technology and digital devices allow business owners to take advantage of opportunities presented by retargeting display ads, to improve service delivery and connect to more users of their products.

Let us assume you visited an e-commerce site and clicked on an Apple iPad advertisement, the next time you use the internet you will see a display of that iPad advert. Each time you use the web, you will see this advertisement with enticing offers.
The more you see it, the more likely it is you will buy it. From this simple application of technology, it is clear that how to do online advertising in Nigeria is easier than before. Go on and try it.

If you use a digital method to advertise online, you can tap into multichannel outlets to display your ads and reach more people.
Let us consider a business owner advertising through a Television network. Nowadays, Television networks own websites and could stream videos on the internet. In addition, they have social media accounts and apps that users can download for tablets and smart phones.

A business owner could pay for a program where people discuss the use of its products in a sponsored show. The TV station will air it on Television; stream it on their website and blog, play it on their TV app and all their social media pages.
Imagine the number of people who this sponsored program will reach.
As you ponder over how to do online advertising in Nigeria, you could sponsor a TV program, and reach many prospective customers at a time. A trial will convince you.

It is no longer a secret. You can develop and brand an app for users to download and when they use the app, they touch your brand.

For example, customers use bank apps to check their balances, do funds transfer, buy recharge cards, and pay utility bills. The app solves a problem for a customer but increases sales for the brand.

If you are seeking for how to do online advertising in Nigeria, using branded app is a cheap way to do it. You can hire freelancers from to make the app for you with less than US$10.

How to do online advertising in Nigeria becomes easier by the day as you discover more channels for advertising.
Now, you are free to advertise on top blogs, websites, and online newspapers to target customers, increase sales and make your brand more visible.

Most of these websites advertisement rates are affordable. Before you pay for any advertisement, check for the number of visitors daily and quality of posts in the websites. Also, find out how their blogs connects with visitors. So, If what you have discovered is satisfactory, contact the owner(s) to place your adverts.

There are popular Nigerian forums you can post your adverts and get real click-through to your website, but the conversion rates of visitors are high.
A popular forum you can check out is Nairaland forum. Search for more as you think of ways to do online advertising in Nigeria to enlarge your business.

VConnet is a local business directory fast growing into an online market place with a database listing over one million indigenous businesses and connecting buyers to sellers.
You can advertise your business and list it free of charge in the local advertisement directory if it has a true business address. It also allows users to sell products on their platform. To make your business more visible get their premium plan.

You can do banner, mobile, offline plus social media advertisement to cause people to search for your brand name.
When they find your brand, potential customers will move from awareness to interest in your products and confirm through search, whether your products meet their requirements before they buy.
We are affirming that if you are looking for how to do online advertising in Nigeria connecting other advertising activities with search is effective.

On the social media platform, you have free and paid social media advertising. Let us see how to do online advertising in Nigeria using paid and free social media advertisement in Facebook and Twitter.

A) Facebook
Use free social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinetrest, Instagram, etc to create a large brand presence in the market and become notable in the topic you are promoting. If people see you as an expert, they will buy any product or service you recommend to them.

If you create ads, on Facebook and pay for it that is paid social media advertising. These ads can be structured or unstructured. In structured advertisement you could target people by gender, country, state, age, etc but in unstructured, you target people in general terms.

Let us discuss two ways you pay to advertise on Facebook.

i) Market Place Ads
Market place ads run at the right hand side of your page on Facebook and it usually shows you things you may want. Market place ads are unstructured ad units. The cost is little when you compare it to the spotlight and buyers it could bring for your business.

ii) Sponsored Stories
Sponsored stories are another way to target the Facebook audience. They are subtle and built into Facebook systems. In this ad, advertisers will use places you like and visit to send advertisements to your friends through their news feeds. This is a structured ad unit.
The basis for creating this ad-unit is the belief that people rely on word of mouth to make decisions whether to buy or not, and that friends influence one another and family to buy.

For instance, the ad concept assumes that if your friends see that you visited Mr. Biggs (a local fast food restaurant) in their news feed, they will likely head to Mr. Biggs to get the same experience you had there.
This is a novel way of how to do online advertising in Nigeria. You can use this method to target people to buy from you. Go ahead, create sponsored stories, and sell to friends and family in Facebook.

B.) Advertising in Twitter
Twitter allows people of like interest to follow and connect one another because they share an interest. Promoted Accounts is a popular twitter ad unit.

i) Promoted accounts
In Twitter, promoted accounts advertisements are subtle, you may think they are not adverts.
Promoted accounts, usually appears on the left hand side of your Twitter Feed, and suggests to you other twitter accounts you may like to visit, and those you would like to follow.

To create this advertisement, Twitter looks at your profile to check the things you like and sell it to Advertisers, who buy this information and targets you.
One advantage of promoted accounts is that you can re-tweet for more people to see them. While a disadvantage is that, they cost more than Facebook adverts.
This is a creative way of how to do online advertising in Nigeria. Therefore, join other advertisers to find people who share similar interests as you, develop a relationship, and then sell something valuable that could solve a problem for them.

Online advertising can also include sending bulk short messages (SMS) to millions of GSM telephone subscribers. You could meet GSM service providers or people reselling bulk SMS, strike a bargain, and buy a plan and start promoting your business.
Bulk SMS advertising will make you wonder whether how to do online advertising is that cheap and easy to start. The price for bulk SMS services plans range from N1 for hundreds – N3 for millions.

Goods and services could be advertised with the Blackberry messaging system to reach potential customers who use that platform. To create advertisements with high conversion rate is not hard but costly.

The following are the types of ads you can put on Black Berry Messenger; “featured placements”, “sponsored invites” and sponsored posts. The charge is on cost per thousand impressions (CPM) i.e. US $7 per 1,000 impressions. As you search for more ways of how to do online advertising in Nigeria, try this method if your advertising budget is up to US$2,000 and you will not regret it.

Email is another marketing tool you can use to engage those that subscribe to your email list until they are ready to buy from you.

Business owners can process the response to emails by subscribers through this form of marketing. You can look at user activities to find out what content your customers prefer. You can also rely on user-generated feedback to create precise advertisements for prospective customers.

If you are looking for a sure bet on how to do online advertising in Nigeria, email marketing seem best.

Finally, making advertising online in Nigeria is a vital skill which every business owner who desires to sell their product or services to specific customers ought to have.

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Secrets you seek in alternative advert

Secrets you seek in alternative advert


Individuals, workers, teachers, civil servants, entrepreneurs and students have been going viral on how this agency operates and things involves in it, specifically students that goes on industrial training and entrepreneurs that advertise their goods and services online. Read carefully below on the facts you seek.

Alternative adverts ltd is Nigeria and Africa’s leading online advertising firm, which can be located temporary at No 7 Rasaq Balogun street, off adeniran ogunsanya Surulere, Lagos state.

This is the no1 online advertising and digital marketing company in Nigeria.

Yes, it is not the only advertising agency but beware that alternative advert ltd is the lead when it comes to digital and online marketing just because of their advancement.

Alternative advert is not only placed or regarded as a marketing firm but in the other words stand as a recruitment firm which offers I.T students and graduates a chance of becoming an entrepreneur either through industrial training or marketing training.

Moreover, creates an avenue by which an ordinary personnel or computer literate can become more advance in the internet with the basic features that surrounds it.

It still goes further to simplify all the minor stages one have to undergo when battling with online marketing or internet affairs.

In conclusion, alternative advert dignify with transparency the words Online advertising, Media marketing, bulk Sms, Digital marketing .

I might not actually cover what we offer because we keep advancing and never gone obsolete, very vast but not complex, even though we (alternative advert) makes you conversant with the relevant things in the field according to your level or grade you stand in the firm .

Equip yourself with more information on  or reach us on 012931183, 07033038047



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Start online advertising business today and save over 25%

Start online advertising business today and save over 25%

Start online advertising business today and save over 25% of your online and social media advertising cost.

You will also enjoy our 25% discount on all our packages below

The man who stops ADVERTISING to save money is the man who stops the clock to save time

Digital advertising business is a lucrative and popular industry to get into, it is also one industry that is not affected by the recession rather it is booming because individuals and organizations are looking for ways to cut advertising cost and as a result all are adapting to digital marketing as an alternative to expensive Billboard, TV, and Radio adverts that cannot be measured.

Start online advertising business today and save over 25% of your online advertising cost because you will no longer pay any agency or service fee, you will also be able to manage all your online campaign in real-time

Our 25% discount will end on friday 17th March 2017

Bronze Plan

Price N200, 000.00 instead of N250,000

What you get with Bronze plan includes;

  1. Bulk SMS Reseller Platform
  2. Online advertising portal like with access to our partners websites like; (.)
  3. Google Advertising Account Setup.
  4. Full Digital Marketing Training.
  5. One Month support.
  6. Access to over 5 Million Profile Nation-wide GSM Number, Profiled LG (Lagos, Abuja and Rivers have additional data like occupation and age).
  7. Access to over 500,000 business email database of High Profile Companies, professionals and individuals in Nigeria.

Silver Plan

Price N400, 000.00 instead of N500, 000.00

What you get with Silver plan includes;

  1. Bulk SMS Reseller Platform
  2. Online advertising portal like with access to our partners websites like; (.)
  3. Corporate website like
  4. Email Marketing Platform
  5. Google Advertising Account Setup
  6. Full Digital Marketing Training
  7. Access to over 20 Million Profile Nation-wide GSM Number, Profiled LG (Lagos, Abuja and Rivers have additional
  8. Access to over 1 million business email database of High Profile Companies, professionals and individuals in Nigeria
  9. Two Months support

Gold Plan

Price N600, 000.00 instead of N750, 000.00

What you get with Gold plan includes;

  1. Bulk SMS Reseller Platform
  2. Online advertising portal like with access to our partners websites like; (.)
  3. Corporate website like
  4. Email Marketing Platform
  5. Google Advertising Account Setup
  6. Full Digital Marketing Training
  7. Access to over 35 Million Profile Nation-wide GSM Number, Profiled LG (Lagos, Abuja and Rivers have additional data like occupation and age)
  8. Access to over 1.5 million business email database of High Profile Companies, professionals and individuals in Nigeria
  9. Three Months support

Diamond Plan

Price N800, 000.00 instead of N1, 000, 000.00

What you get with Bronze Diamond includes;

  1. Bulk SMS Reseller Platform
  2. Email Marketing Platform
  3. Online advertising portal like with access to our partners websites like; (.)
  4. Corporate website like
  5. Google Advertising Account Setup
  6. Access to over 70 Million Profile Nation-wide GSM Number, Profiled LG (Lagos, Abuja and Rivers have additional data like occupation and age)
  7. Access to over 2 million business email database of High Profile Companies, professionals and individuals in Nigeria.
  8. SEO Implementation Kits
  9. Full Digital Marketing Training
  10. Six Months support

For more information and how to order your package call us on 08140806869, 07014039333

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Importance of online advertising in business

Importance of online advertising in business

If you have been left behind when it comes to online advertising, then you should start doubling your efforts. If you are of the belief that online advertising is wasting your money, please kindly think again and if you have not familiarized yourself with advertising online, then please you need to do so as soon as possible.

Here are six candid reasons you should be advertising online.

1.       Targeting

Online advertising gives you the ability to target and retarget the ideal prospects, once you know what your customers look like, you will know just who to target and where to find users online, just ensuring that your message is in front of the right people at the right time.

2.       Flexibility

Online advertising gives you the flexibility to respond to incoming data and make changes instantly. It shows you how to stay in front of your customer, anticipate their needs and adjust your ads before anyone notices it.

3.       Reach

Online advertising gives you the ability to reach your audience, because your ads will be working for you 24 hours a day. Your customers will know more about your products and services sooner rather than later.

4.       Cost

Online advertising campaigns is often cheaper than traditional offline advertising like television, radio etc,, it gives you the ability to adjust your cost very easily based on the performance of your campaign but in the offline world, once you have paid there is no room for adjusting your cost.

5.       Brand awareness

online advertising can be used to build brand awareness, you can use your advertisement to establish your online presence, make an emotional connection and be creative. It also enables you to focus on your ideal audience.

6.       Insight

Advertising online provides you with endless insight, allowing you to become an effective marketer. The analytics available with advertising online will allow you to see  the exact cost of converting and acquiring a customer.

Online advertising is an important element of a marketing mix, it provides you with customer insights, numerous benefits, lower cost and great targeting. It gives you the opportunity to give your customers the attention they deserve.

To get started with your online advertising campaign, please visit this site at to register.

You can also reach us on 08140806869, 012931183.



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Advantages of internet marketing through advertising agency

Advantages of internet marketing through advertising agency

internet marketing could be seen as building relationship with customers and prospects through regular low-cost personalized communication through the internet.
there are different forms of internet marketing such as email marketing campaigns,banner advertising,search engine optimization campaigns etc.

six advantages of internet marketing

1 Low-Cost.

2 Builds relationships with customers and increasing customer retention levels.

3 Overcomes barriers of distance making it easy to deliver.

4 Convenience, marketing your products on the internet is always convenient for customers,and makes it convenient for them to access anytime.

5 Personalization on internet marketing simply means Advertising to target markets

6 Payments of service is very easy because is an digital instant transaction

  To get started with your internet marketing campaign, alternative advert is here to guide and help you at affordable costs.

call us now on 08140806869,012931183 for more details.

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Gains of online advertisement

Gains of online advertisement

Online advertisements are great strategies that can improve the visibility of your product and services. It is a very efficient way that can help you adapt with the demands of the times and to evolve an effective marketing plan, there are many ways to get your marketing message across, so don’t underestimate the value of online advertising.

Below are some benefits of online advertisement.

 Online advertisement completes your branding circle

Entice your target by knowing their interest

Capturing the market through retargeting/remarketing

     Get the ads featured on relevant sites       

Look like a big fish and gain trust

Avoid expensive long term contract

Enjoy lower marketing cost.

Alternative advert will help you advertise your products and services online without wasting much time and at a very good cost.

Visit our site at

You can call us on 08140806869, 012931183 for more details.

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Alternative Adverts Network Services Ltd.

Alternative Adverts Network Services Ltd.


Alternative adverts Ltd is Nigeria’s leading online advertising platform, No 1 online advertising and digital marketing company in Nigeria.


We help publicize business online on multiple websites from a single platform, using our ad server We offer advertisers  a single marketing platform to reach their targeted audience within Nigeria, worldwide and across thousands of relevant online and mobile platforms.


·         We reach a wider audience on multiple platforms

·         Our clients get more values for every penny spent

·         You can monitor all online advertisement on newspaper websites and blog sites from our platform

·         Affordable prices

·         Free consultation services

·         Instant Ad approval (our clients ad go live within 5 minutes)

·         Ads prominence and dominance as our clients ads are very visible to all websites visitors

WeWe have worked for major brands in Nigeria and beyond and still work for many right now, some of them are Airtel, first bank,, PZ, Niger insurance, Total, and so lots more


you can also reach us on 08140806869, 012931183 for further clarification.

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