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Artist PR and Music promotion in Nigeria

Artist PR and Music promotion in Nigeria

Artist PR and promotion (PR) price in Nigeria

We undertake Artist Pr and Music promotion or general artist public relation (PR) needs. Music and Artist promotion has its own unique approach just like every other industry; with the details below we have tried as much as possible to list few achievable plans and recommended platforms and strategies, it is not compulsory we implore all the medium but we recommend using as many platforms as possible to ensure a wider reach and maximum exposure for the artist and his music.

Radio Airplay and Interview

We will submit your music or your album to top music radio stations in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria, we will also arrange for interviews on some radio stations. Radio airplay is a proven way to expose your artist and his music to millions of people daily and also an extremely important aspect of building a musical career and personal brand.

 Newspaper and Blog sites in Nigeria (press release)

Post on Punch, vanguard, premium times, bellanaija, Tooxclusive, lindaikeji, Notjustok, Jaguda, Naijaloaded etc.

In our industry we usually say that “content is king and distribution is queen, each type of content plays an important part that one simply can’t afford to ignore. The post on various newspaper and blog websites will allow you to establish a more personal connection with their readers, by answering some of their most burning questions, offering advice and sharing your insight with their audience.

On the other hand, press releases will help us build trust and authority on different fronts, by stimulating journalists and media outlets to talk more about the artist and his music.

TV Video Airplay and interview

We will submit your music or your album to top music TV stations in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria, we will also arrange for interviews on some TV stations. TV airplay is a proven way to expose your artist and his music to millions of people daily and also an extremely important aspect of building a musical career and personality brand.

Synchronized music play on several stations nationwide.

This is a unique new offering where we send the singles to several radio stations and they are made to play the music the same day and the same time, and it will help make the artist and his single trend on social media once several OAP’s are playing the music and tweeting about it at the same time

Social Media Promotion

There is no doubt that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. plays a major role in online music promotion.  We will promote your artist and his music on social media platforms,  We will write copies that will be appealing to your target audience with beautifully designed images that will ensure that many people will be willing to share the content with their friend. We will also make your artist and his music trend; get you more likes and followers.

Alaba Mixtape

Alaba Mixtape will make your music go viral using the Alaba mixtape  selections, Alaba boys are seen as artist greatest enemy because the reap them of what they are supposed to earn for their hard work, but alaba boys can also  be  a game changer for upcoming artist. We will submit your signles to top Djs and it will be featured in their mixtapes, the mixtape is always distributed throughout the major cities in Nigeria.

Alaba CD Compilation

Alaba promotion is known as the best kind of PR for upcoming artist, we will work with Alaba Boys to make Alaba selections that will be focused and dedicated to you, your photography will be boldly placed at the front cover of the CDs and your track will be the first on the tracklist.

Find Shows Service

Artist that does not perform is like an actor that does not act, and you will agree with us that the end of such person’s career is near. We know you will want your artist to perform in major music shows and concert in big cities? Show performance is a good way for your artist to make extra cash as an upcoming artiste and can be very helpful. We will work hard to get you performance slots in top notch events in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria.

Caller tunes

We can get your artist a ring back tune for his/her song as well as get  his/her song uploaded on MTN Music +. Amongst other things, we will require your valid identification e.g. Driver’s license or International Passport.

Youtube Video Views

If you artist has musical videos we can get views you need for your video go viral and get the expected exposure,  Aside from sending the video to the TV stations we can upload it on YouTube and direct web traffic to it to increase the view rate. We can guarantee over a million views per month


Branding – Would help get your artist name and music out there. We would make up some stickers, badges, posters, T-shirts (very common in Nigeria) or anything else you can think of that include his name. Then, leave the stuff anywhere you can. Pass them out at clubs, give them out during events and performances, and seize every chance you get to drop your stuff at places and offices.

Charity Events

Charity Events is one sure way to make an artist popular, because people will be drawn to him because of the charity his/charity works (Details later)

For Artist Pr and Music promotion in Nigeria or general Public relation services call us on 08140806869or 07014039333 for free consultation

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Business Promotion Redefined With Bulk sms

Business Promotion Redefined With Bulk sms

Bulk sms is now the latest development in the field of business promotion. It is an advertising medium that is target oriented and trackable, unlike the old school promotional vehicles (Tv, bill boards and radio platforms).

Bulk sms is an alternative and a complement to the old school platforms. You can send text messages to a large numbers of mobile phone users at a reduced cost and less stress. In fact, it’s to your benefit that you nurture the customers you already have.

Alternative advert will help you advertise your product at a very low cost. With this bulk sms, mobile campaigns will be very easy to create and execute, messages will reach recipients wherever they are, delivery is always guaranteed and faster than any other form of advertising


You can also call Rachael on 08140806869, 012931183 for more details

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