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Top 10 Billboard Advertising Agencies in Nigeria


Looking for the top billboard advertising agencies in Nigeria? I have selected 10 of the very best that you can choose from, not only for your billboard advertising in Nigeria but also for your lamp-post advertising,  and other outdoor advert campaigns.

There’s one marketing fact you should never forget if you ever want to attract more customers to your business, then, meet and exceed your sales targets which are, customers will only buy from brands they know about. Period. It doesn’t matter how awesome your brand is, if customers dot know about them, they won’t patronize you. That’s where advertising comes to the rescue.

A lot of companies advertise their businesses for the obvious reasons which are:  awareness and more patronage but that is not there is more to advertising than meets the eye. The most important advantage of this sophisticated outdoor advertising is that it creates strong brand impressions in the minds of customers that influence their buying decisions.

As awesome as billboard advertising in Nigeria is, if it is not strategically planned, it can mess up all your strategy that is where this list of top Billboard Advertising Agencies in Nigeria comes handy.

Due to the high cost of billboard advertising in Nigeria, it is often associated with big brands and very wealthy organizations. However, the few brands that have the resources to run extensive billboard advert campaigns have, over the years, have very much benefitted from it.

The benefits include and not limited to: high brand retention and recall, increased consumer loyalty, increased sales, positive brand repositioning, and image building.
In order to have a successful billboard advert that will yield results and guarantee high returns on investment, it is important to make use of the best agencies that offer billboard advertising services.

Billboard Advertising Agencies in Nigeria

Below you will find the best agencies should you want to engage in billboard advertising.

Alternative Advert

If you are looking for a trusted billboard advertising agency in Nigeria look no further because with this platform you will be able to reach hundreds of millions of your target audience of choice with your products and services at an affordable price.

Eloquent Touch

When you work with a media buying agency such as Eloquent Media for your billboard campaigns, you have the advantage of ensuring the effectiveness of your campaign. Eloquent is a one-stop solution that can handle your billboard designs & print, buying, & management. They are billboard advertising consultants in Lagos, Nigeria.
They have worked with the media owners and has the experience of ensuring one of the highest visibility and popular ways of using billboards for marketing.

Vacant Boards

Vacant Boards is one of the leading Online Outdoor Advertising Marketplace specializing in both traditional and digital Out-of-Home media. They offer one-click booking of various outdoor advert options provided by our numerous operators.
At Vacant Boards, they are poised to provide their clients with an easy and seamless booking of outdoor advert spaces. They provide easy access to and efficient inventory of vacant outdoor spaces across the country.
Vacant Boards provides a seamless process to book outdoor advert space across Nigeria and also helps you track, monitor and analyze your outdoor advertising campaign. Get started today.

Gems Communications Limited

They are one of the leading Out-of-Home advertising companies in Nigeria. They work closely with advertisers and agencies to create beautiful and effective OOH advertising platforms. They continually develop quality sites, building billboards using tools and technologies. 

Wetherheads Advertising Group

Wetherheads advertising group has a reputation of one of the oldest marketing and communication networks in Nigeria. It has experience in all areas of brand development. They aim to drive exponential growth for their clients by leveraging on their understanding of consumer behavior while using it to convert consumers to loyal customers.

WCP (White Chapel & Partners)

White Chapel and Partners is a brand marketing and communications agency. Since their inception in 2008, they have consistently blended creativity and technology to communicate with the needs of their clients to their target audience. They have grown steadily and have been able to design unique marketing solutions that provide new ways of effective brand management.

Bluebirds Communications

Commenced business in July 1995. Built within 5 years, a robust client portfolio in the financial sector and other market segments. They offer services such as Strategy development- Strategy, for them, is the building block for helping create a long-term competitive advantage for their clients. They think through every brief contextually, analyze the options using their “dip-stick” approach, identify the opportunities and then put their expertise to work to bring out the desired results. Creative development-Making the right connection from the inferred is how they create Ads the unconventional way. Using the time-tested disruption approach, they create unusual ads across platforms that not only give their clients “top of mind” market share but also encourage buy-in from the target market, thereby creating segment and market leaders across their portfolio.

Media Link Ltd

It was established in 1983 with the aim of changing the face of outdoor advertising in Nigeria by creating unconventional sites and being proactive to their client’s needs. The company has a dominant name in the billboard advertising in Nigeria. Their innovativeness has given them an edge over their competitors as they continue to remain proactive.

Look Media Nigeria

They pride themselves on delivering innovative, accountable and effective advertising campaigns using their portfolio of diverse media platforms. They enable brands to engage their target audiences in-home and on street with memorable, high-impact marketing solutions.
They offer outdoor resources for marketing campaigns and product launches, while also facilitating business development and brand recognition on both a national and international scale. They have built a reputation for embracing innovation in non-traditional and outdoor advertising, and for thinking outside the box when it comes to best serving brands. Look Media Nigeria is an affiliate of Look Media Global.

Corporate Media

It is a full-service outdoor advertising agency that is devoted to bringing possibilities and opportunities with the use of out of box ideas. It is based in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. It understands how to reach out to people on the move. They have the ability to plan and buy all forms of media when your target audience is out of the home.
They are competent in innovative and creative exposure as well as event marketing with a specialty in roadshows and merchandising activities.

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