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Online marketing

Online marketing

Online marketing is a set of powerful tools used to promote services and products with the use of an internet. It includes a wider range of marketing elements than traditional business marketing due to the extra channels and the availability of internet.

Online marketing can also be called internet marketing, digital marketing and web marketing.

Some of the benefits which online marketing can deliver are

§  Competitive advantage

§  Better control

§  Reduced expenses

§  Growth in potential

§  Elegant communications.

Online marketing connects organizations with qualified potential customers and takes business growth to a much higher level.

Online marketing or internet marketing has several advantages, some of them are:

§  Multiple options

§  Low cost

§  Flexibility and convenience

§  Demographic targeting

Online marketing is a high growth industry which has outsold the traditional marketing in recent years.

Alternative advert will help you promote your business through online marketing, without much time and at an affordable rate. To get started with your online marketing, visit this site https://www.alternativeadvert.com/advertiser_join.php to register


you can also call us on 08140806869, 012931183 for more details.

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The basics of using social media

The basics of using social media

Social media are internet services that let you interact with others and share content through online communities, you can use social media to:

1.       Attract new customers

2.       Tell customers about your goods and services

3.       Build stronger relationships with existing customers.

4.       Promote the name of your brand and business

5.       Find out what customers think of your business.

Social media has so many benefits, like:

Free or low-cost

Ability to target particular groups

Broad reach

Very fast and easy to reach out t people

Different types of social media are good for different marketing activities, the main social media services are;





Customer review sites

Coupon sites

Online photo sharing services

Alternative advert ltd is here to help you with your social media marketing campaign

To get started, visit www.alternativeadvert.com


You can also call us on 08140806869, 012931183 for more information.

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An option to Google ad words.

An option to Google ad words.

Alternative to Google ad words in Nigeria is what is on the mind of advertising companies and business owners in Nigeria, since the increase of dollar against Naira, advertising online in Nigeria on Google and some of the major platforms that charges in dollars is now very difficult.

Most people are looking out another means of advertising goods, services and events online and pay in Naira instead of dollar.

If you are one of those looking for another option to Google ad words, then Alternative advert ltd is the only option to Google that can guarantee to reach over 20 million people online in Nigeria and beyond on over 5000 websites at an affordable cost, and you can also pay in Naira.

Alternative Adverts Ltd has made it very easy to advertise on multiple websites from a single platform, and your adverts will appear on most of the Major Newspapers websites Online, like guardian.ng, vanguardngr.com, punch.com, thenationonlineng.net, premiumtimesng.com, dailytimes.ng, etc.


Visit this link https://www.alternativeadvert.com/advertiser_join.php to register

You can also call us on 08140806869, 012931183 for more details.



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All Mavro - 2017 can be easily  GHed without any limits.

The Marovs-2016 are saved in your PO and they continue to growing, but their withdrawals is under limits.

The limits depend on activity of MMM members, on volume of their PHs and new registrations.

The faster the community will progress,  the higher limits will be. Also the technical implementations will follow to increase the volume of GH for Mavro-2016.


 Listen now as i explain well for 2016  MAVROS.

Please send to your Downline and Uplines to make it faster to GH and lift the Limit and restrictions on 2016 Mavros

Just PH no matter how small

IF you are expecting amount within the range of

#5,000-#20,000 Then PH atleast #2,000

#21,000-#50,000 Then PH #5,000

#51,000-#100,000 then PH #10,000

#101,000-#200,000 Then PH #15,000 TO #20,000

#201,000-#500,000 Then PH at least #50,000

#501,000 to Millions then PH  at least #100,000

NOTE:  This is just an opinion to stabilize the system so that all the participants can smile again.


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How to craft a strong business plan.

How to craft a strong business plan.

So many businesses crash this these days just because of how the business plans are been crafted, the contents and presentation.

Below are tips on how to craft out a very good and strong business plan for a successful business and quality benefits.

Know your competition.

Be prepared to tell what makes you different and better than each of them.

Have proof for every claim you make

If you say your product will take the market by storm, you have to support this statement with facts. If you say your team is fully qualified to make the business a success, you also have to make sure that your staffs demonstrate the experience needed.

Be realistic with time and resources available

Being realistic is important because it lends credibility to your presentation. Always assume things will take 15% longer than you anticipated.

Be logical.

Think like a banker, and write what your audience would want to see.

Have a strong management team

Your team members don’t have to have worked in the field, but you do need to draw parallels between what they've done and the skills needed to make your venture succeed.

Describe your facilities and location for performing the work.

If you'll need to expand, discuss where, why and when.



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5 tips on how to speed up your android devices

5 tips on how to speed up your android devices


This is more or less a temporary solution if your device’s slowness is caused by the unnecessary apps you installed. Cache data eats up system resources (takes up storage space on your device) while slowing down your device. You should clear this data from time to time or install a cache clearing app, like Clean Master that can possibly help you out.


Aside from uninstalling unnecessary apps, especially if the problem is caused by insufficient storage, you should also delete some files that are filling up your internal storage to speed up your device.


It could be multiple apps, an app or the storage itself slowing down your device, it is important you try to identify what the problem is or might be, before you fix your device yourself or give it to a technician to help you fix it.


This function will wipe your device clean and leave the software the way it was when you first turned it on, so backup important files before you do this. Some Android devices come with a “Backup and Reset” option in the device’s settings, but make sure you backup important files before you do this.


For apps that you cannot delete you should disable as them. You can uninstall or disable apps through the app manager found in your device’s settings. Learn to close all apps you are no longer using. This helps to free up your RAM and improve your device’s performanc

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Best airports in Nigeria

Best airports in Nigeria

Despite the deteriorating condition of the Nigerians aviation sector, a good number of airports have stood the test time.

These airports have proven to be strong, coordinated and reliable.

Here is a list of the best Nigerian airports.

*     Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos

*     Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport, Kano

*     Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja

*     Gombe Lawanti International Airport, Gombe

*     Margaret Ekpo Internaternal Airport, Calabar

*     Akanu Ibiam International Airport, Enugu

*     Sadiq Abubakar III International Airport, Sokoto


*     Asaba International Airport, Asaba.

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TRANSCORP HILTION ABUJA                                              $155 PER NIGHT

BARCELO A HOTEL                                                            $52 PER NIGHT

IBETO HOTEL                                                                    $140 PER NIGHT



SHERATON LAGOS HOTEL                                                   $164 PER NIGHT

LAGOS ORITEL HOTEL                                                        $182 PER NIGHT

FEDERAL PALACE                                                               $112 PER NIGHT



BAUVIEW RESORT & HOTEL                                                $131 PER NIGHT

GOLDEB ROYALE                                                                $107 PER NIGHT

GOLDE VALUE                                                                    $22 PERNIGHT



DINNIC HOTEL                                                                   $29 PER NIGHT

520 HOTELS ASDAM LODGE                                                $24 PER NIGHT

MKNEL HOTEL SUITS                                                          $11 PER NIGHT


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Best banks in Nigeria

Best banks in Nigeria

Today Nigeria is holding not less than 160 million people. As a result of this, there is a great need for a very strong and trustworthy banks to serve the huge population.

Lets look at the biggest banks in Nigeria and the richest banks as well.

1.      Zenith Bank PLC

2.      Guaranty Trust Bank

3.      First Bank Nigeria

4.      Access Bank Nigeria

5.      United Bank For Africa

6.      Fidelity Bank Nigeria

7.      Ecobank Nigeria

8.      Skye Bank Nigeria

9.      Union Bank of Nigeria

10. Diamond Bank Nigeria PLC.



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Top 10: Richest Presidents In Africa

Top 10: Richest Presidents In Africa

The richest people in Africa are not just business men but African president.

The most intriguing aspect is that most of these African corrupt leaders have stayed so long in power that they now turn power into a family business.

Listed below are the richest African presidents and their financial net worth

Ø  Jose Eduardo dos Santos

Net worth: $20 billion

Country: Angola

Ø  Mohammed iv of morocco

Net worth: $2.5 billion

Country: Morocco

Ø  Teodoro Obiang Nguema Masood

Net worth: $600 million

Country: Equatorial Guinea

Ø  Uhuru Kenyatta

Net worth: $500 million

Country: Kenya

Ø  Paul Biya

Net worth: $200 million

Country: Cameroon

Ø  King Mswati III

Net worth: $100 million

Country: Swaziland

Ø  Idriss Deby

Net worth: $50 million

Country: Chad

Ø  Jacob Zuma

Net worth: $20 million

Country: South-Africa

Ø  Robert Mugabe

Net worth: $10 million


Country: Zimbabwe

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What is mobile marketing?

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing is a promotional activity designed for delivery to cell phones, smartphones and other handheld devices.

The era of mobile has arrived and it is the future of marketing.

More users are spending larger amounts of time engaged with mobile devices than ever before, we can also expect this trend to continue in the future.

Now you ask yourself,


Mobile marketing consists of ads which appears on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, their ad customization, styles and customization vary just as many social media platforms, mobile apps and websites offer their own unique mobile ad options.


In this age, you find more than just a few folks with faces glued to their smartphone screens.

Your business needs a mobile marketing just the way you need a computer and Wi-Fi. Ignoring the rise of mobile isn’t just an option.

Alternative advert Ltd is an online agency that can help you with your mobile marketing campaign without wasting of time and at an affordable price.

To get started with your mobile marketing campaign, visit www.alternativeadvert.com

You can also call us on 08140806869, 012931183 for more details.



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Online advertisement.

Online advertisement.

Online advertisement as we all know it can also be called internet advertising or online marketing, is a form of advertising and marketing which uses the internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to customers, customers view online advertisement as an unwanted distraction that have increasingly turned to ad blocking for a variety of reasons with few benefits.

Online advertisement includes email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile advertising, bulk sms etc. online advertisement frequently involves both a publisher who integrates advertisements into its online content, and an advertiser that provides the advertisements to be displayed on the publisher’s content.


Worry less, because alternative advert ltd is here to help you with that.

Visit our site www.alternativeadvert.com for info


You can also call us on 08140806869, 012931183 for more details.

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Alternative advert Ltd.

Alternative advert Ltd.

Who are we?

Alternative adverts ltd is Nigeria’s and Africa’s leading online advertising platform, No 1 online advertising and digital marketing company.

What we do.

We help advertise your business online on multiple websites just from a single platform, using our ad sever www.alternativeadvert.com.

We offer our advertisers a single marketing platform to reach their targeted audience within Nigeria and beyond and also on relevant online and mobile platforms.

Why you should advertise with us?

v  Our clients get more value for every penny spent

v  We reach a wider audience on multiple platforms

v  Ads performance and dominance as our clients ads are very visible to all websites

v  Affordable prices

v  Instant ad approval

v  You can monitor all online advertisement on newspaper websites and blog sites from our platform

v  Free consultation services.

We have established a dependable balance as an online marketing company in the marketing field, we help you in creating options that are incomparable in states of value

Visit us at www.alternativeadvert.com


You can also call us on 08140806869, 012931183 for more details. 

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Twinkas Nigeria investment website software script clone twinkas.com

Twinkas Nigeria investment website software script clone twinkas.com

Twinkas Nigeria investment website software www.twinkas.com is mmm Nigeria system clone though not 100%

But the surprising thing is that in-spit of the huge amount those that invested in MMM Nigeria website lost many are still ready to try with other peer to peer platforms like Twinkas at (www.twinkas.com) Get Help World wide (www.gethelpworldwide.com) Naira propeller (nairapropeller.com) etc.

The systems looks like Mutual funds but it is not exactly the kind of investment Mutual funds provides, because they are not save investment opportunity like Mutual funds though return on investment the donation system is faster and comes with much higher percentage.

The peer to peer program provides short term investments opportunity and with its attendant higher risk as well

Reading the message below on twinkas website it looks pretty simple and easy but I am sure there is something they are not telling their members, see message below

How Twinkas Works

“When you Join, you will need to donate the sum of either N5000, N10000, N20000 or N50000 to a fellow member assigned by the system or your direct link, and the member will then confirm your donation and then the system will automatically assign 2 other registered people under you from spillovers who will also pay you the joining amount each, into your bank account, making 200% (i.e. 200% of N5000 is N10000, 200% of N10000 is N20000 200% of N20000 is N40000 and 200% of N50000 is N100000).

TwinKAS will assign referrals to pay you. After you have received payment from 2 people under you, the system will automatically EXIT you and allows unlimited registration (Your account still remains with Twinkas)

All donations are made directly to member bank account. Share TwinKAS to people and make the world a better place.”

But for as long as people continue to get their pay cheque and smile to the bank there is nothing you can tell any member to prevent him or her from investing.

All I can say for now is good look to the members but bear in mind it is a big risk you are getting into so trade with caution

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Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimization Services

Do you want to spend less and save as much as 50% of your advertising budget and still achieve more?

Then you need to invest into search engine optimization, there is no greater investment than search engine optimization and Alternative advert Ltd is here to help you with that without much stress and at an affordable cost.

So get your website to appear on the first page of Google and other search engines with N20,000 per keywords, if you are doing above three keywords, it will be at N15,000 per keywords.

Visit http://www.alternativeadverts.com/search.engine.optimization.seo.in.Nigeria.html

You can also call Rachael on 08140806869, 012931183.



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Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

You do ask yourself, what are the benefits of mobile marketing and how can it help in redefining my business?

But don’t forget that in today’s business world, it is impossible to survive without an aggressive marketing but since marketing agencies are not inexpensive, it is very important to choose the right strategy from the start.

With these benefits listed below, you won’t regret choosing mobile marketing.

·        Cost efficiency

·        Immediate effect

·        Reach the targeted audience

·        Establish a relationship with your customers in the long term

·        Efficacy

·        Less stress

Alternative advert Ltd will help you with your mobile marketing campaign at an affordable rate

You can call us on 08140806869, 012931183 to get started.

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Top Gains Of Advertising Online

Top Gains Of Advertising Online

Online advertisements are great strategies that can improve the visibility of your product and services. It is a very efficient way that can help you adapt with the demands of the times and to evolve an effective marketing plan, there are many ways to get your marketing message across, so don’t underestimate the value of online advertising.

Below are some benefits of online advertisement.

1.      Online advertisement completes your branding circle

2.      Avoid expensive long term contract

3.      Capturing the market through retargeting/remarketing

4.      Look like a big fish and gain trust

5.      Get the ads featured on relevant sites

6.      Entice your target by knowing their interest

7.      Enjoy lower marketing cost.

Alternative advert will help you advertise your products and services online without wasting much time and at a very good cost.


To get started, you can call us on 08140806869, 012931183.

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Benefits Of Email Marketing

Benefits Of Email Marketing

Why does email marketing present such a benefit over other traditional forms of marketing?

Why does it drive better returns on investment and customer engagement metrics than other marketing techniques?

Why would you invest the time and resources just to develop an email marketing program?

Here are some benefits of creating an email marketing program to advertise your goods and services, and to also get good results.

·         Reduced time and effort

·         Real time messages

·         Personal messages

·         Segment user and customer database information

·         More frequent communication

·         Test marketing messages

·         Quick information spreading

·         Reduce overhead cost

·         Exponentially better ability to track sales and user engagement

·         Save the planet with email marketing

Alternative advert is here to help you with your email marketing without much stress and at an affordable cost. To get started with your email marketing campaign, call us on 08140806869, 012931183.



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Use Websites To Redefine Your Business.

Use Websites To Redefine Your Business.

Most of your business competitors have websites, so you thought of having one too, but you are not so sure of how it will benefit your business. Should I just get a website because my competitors already have theirs?  If that’s your sole reason of having a website, then you are just about to make a very bad decision because that shouldn’t be a reason for you to have a website for your business

Creating a website for your business will help you create an interactive environment for your customers, keep your information up to date, sell your products and services while you sleep, reach out to lots of people, kill competitions and lots more.

Worry less and don’t stress yourself much because Alternative advert will help you in designing a website for easy redefining of your business and trust me, it’s going to be the best decision you will ever make concerning your business because you will be getting good results in no time.

Visit http://alternativeadverts.com/website-designing-and-development.html.


You can also call Rachael on 08140806869, 012931183 for more details.

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Business Promotion Redefined With Bulk sms

Business Promotion Redefined With Bulk sms

Bulk sms is now the latest development in the field of business promotion. It is an advertising medium that is target oriented and trackable, unlike the old school promotional vehicles (Tv, bill boards and radio platforms).

Bulk sms is an alternative and a complement to the old school platforms. You can send text messages to a large numbers of mobile phone users at a reduced cost and less stress. In fact, it’s to your benefit that you nurture the customers you already have.

Alternative advert will help you advertise your product at a very low cost. With this bulk sms, mobile campaigns will be very easy to create and execute, messages will reach recipients wherever they are, delivery is always guaranteed and faster than any other form of advertising

Visit http://www.alternativeadverts.com 

You can also call Rachael on 08140806869, 012931183 for more details

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