Best online advertising companies in Nigeria and leading digital marketing agencies

List of best online advertising companies in Nigeria and leading digital marketing agencies

95% of websites like beautiful grave

95% of websites like beautiful grave

95% of business websites are like beautiful grave yard, quiet and full of untapped opportunities.

Your website is supposed to be an OFFICE THAT NEVER CLOSES even when your physical office close!

Do you know you can double or triple your sales using your website and have an unfair advantage over your competitors using SEO (Search engine optimization) strategy and website conversion funnel?

There is huge scope in your industry and making it to the 1st page of Google would get you the best traffic to boost sales and improve your brand awareness.

I feel bad because you have spent so much to develop your website, maintain it and yet don’t make much profit from it.

open 247

I decided to write these article because I recently met a real estate developer who have one of the best real estate in Lekki Phase 1, the property is the type that everyone who know about it would like to invest in.

Guess what? His business and website were obscured, even when the property is in one of the most prime location in Lekki phase 1, Lagos.

He had a website and has spent so much advertising, but if you search for “Real Estate in Lekki phase 1 or Real estate development company in lekki phase 1” his business and website was nowhere to be found.

When someone introduced him to me, I noticed the passion and the desire to make his website and his real estate business known, and also how to make his business appear on the first page where prospective client/investors search on the internet including Nigerians in diaspora.

I told him we would make it happen, and we did Search engine optimization (SEO) and setup website conversion funnel. Today he is happy and we are also happy to have helped him.

happy customer

I am sure you want to increase sales? Maybe you have tried so many things but nothing has worked. Don’t give up, because it is possible to double and even triple your sales with the power of the internet.

One of the reasons you advertise and it does not convert to sales or paying customers is because you have not optimized your website for conversion.

I often advise business owners to do the first thing first and not the last thing first.

The first thing is to optimize your website for conversion before you do online advertisement or even advertise at all.

How would you feel if you can overtake your competitors, and have your website/business on the first page of google search when prospective customer/client(s) search for your product/service(s) online?

How would you feel if you can double or triple your sales?

sales increase

If you have a website, ask yourself the following 5 questions.

1. How many calls do I get daily from those that visited my website?

2. What percentage of my sales come from my website visitors?

3. Is my website engaging people enough to covert them to paying customers?

4. Can my prospective customers/clients easily find me, when they search for my products/services online?

5. Is my website giving my business 24/7 customer support which is what a good website should do?

Your website is most likely a liability, but don’t take my words for it, visit and enter your website address and click analyze.

I am 100% certain you will score less than 50%, I have even see websites score below 10%, my question is if on the most basic test your website perform poorly, how would you expect it do show up on Google and other search engines when prospect search for what you do?

google website speed test

A good and optimized website is one of the best investment any business person can make, but unfortunately over 95% of websites in Nigeria are more of a liability to the owner than an asset.

The owners pay so much to develop it and also pay annually the domain and hosting renewal, yet don’t get any real value from the website, it’s all effort in futility.

But that can change because you can turn your website to a 24/7 customer support and MONEY MAKING MACHINE.

We can help if you allow us, click here or call 08140806869, 07014039333 to request for free website audit.

Don’t just have a website for the sake of it, ensure your website generate revenue for you.

For a website to be visible on Google and other search engines, it must be optimized for those Search Engine, and this is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and when a website is visible, it helps the business to appear before prospective customers who are online searching for the products or services. This would impact positively on both the website traffic and business revenue.

Optimizing important keywords on your website helps to ensure your business and websites are discovered, when prospective clients search for your kind of products or services using the major search engine like; Google, Bing or yahoo, it would give you an unfair advantage over your competitors.

You can request for FREE comprehensive SEO Audit of your website to ascertain the level of its compliance to SEO best practices and at the end of the exercise, we will be able to identify the non-compliance areas.

Taking time to fix them would help you to increase your website visibility, thereby placing your business in front of people who are actively searching for your business on Google and other search engines.

If you want to save N250, 000 call 08140806869, 07014039333 and request for FREE website audit, or CLICK HERE to contact us today.

You are few days away from turning your website to MONEY SPINNING MACHINE.

For more information about Search engine optimization (SEO) and website conversion funnel. Call Taiwo on 08140806869, 07014039333

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Internet service providers in Nigeria with dedicated internet access

Internet service providers in Nigeria with dedicated internet access

Internet service providers in Nigeria with dedicated internet access, broadband, shared and satellite internet providers in lagos. 


Dedicated internet is meant for corporate organizations, churches, and schools with multiple employees and multiple pcs, and the cost is usually from N170, 000 per month

Do you know not all internet connections are equal? Especially when considering the advantages of dedicated internet access services. Ever gotten frustrated with completing simple online tasks like browsing or sending email? Then you know what a slow internet connection is.

A slow connection is just one of the issues that can be avoided by taking advantage of a good internet service from a reliable dedicated internet service providers. The right solution will provide high-speed, dedicated internet access to your business, as well as better customer support, increased reliability, and better security.

Dedicated internet access guarantees that your company is always receiving the maximum bandwidth that you’re paying for.

Shared connection means that you’re sharing your maximum bandwidth with other people, your internet speed will fluctuate. Speeds can be unpredictable throughout the day. Essentially, it all depends on the internet provider’s network traffic. These issues are avoided with dedicated internet access, as your company doesn’t have to share bandwidth with anyone—ever. It is a dedicated connection with dedicated bandwidth.


Why choose Dedicated Internet Access

Dedicated internet access is mostly patronized by businesses / organizations who desire to utilize the internet in their own space, not having to bother about slow internet connection like shared internets access .

  • Uncontended service

A dedicated internet line is uncontended, that means you’re not competing with anybody else for the resources available; it’s all for your business. As a result, your internet speeds are reliable, consistent and very, very fast.

  • Symmetric uploads and download

If you’re considering a shared internet access agreement, understand that download speeds are going to be significantly faster than upload speeds. This is also one of the key differences when comparing internet services like DSL vs Cable vs Fiber. Shared internet access is set up this way. Not because Internet Service Providers are trying to take advantage, but because there is usually a higher demand from people using private networks for downloading versus uploading.

  • Control

In short, a dedicated internet connection gives you more control. That's the control to ensure the productivity of your staff remains unaffected by sluggish connections during peak times and control over the technical capabilities of your organization.

You can reach me on any of the details below if you require assistance choosing the right dedicated internet service provider in Nigeria

Email: milan.rathore69(at)

Tel: 08055576643



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Top 5 Quick Ways to Boost Online Sales for Your Small Business

Top 5 Quick Ways to Boost Online Sales for Your Small Business

If you are running a small business firm or a large enterprise, improvement is the key to success. You must make consistent efforts to make your business better. Great business owners and entrepreneurs always look for new ways to increase their sales which makes their company healthy and reliable. If your business is not doing well, you should ask questions to yourself about the business plan and strategies. Every business owner who has an online store wants to increase his sales and revenue as much as possible, but the question here is how? In this ultimate guide, I am going to share some ways by which you can boost the sales of your small business.

A Responsive Website

The popularity of smartphones and mobile devices are increasing rapidly. Since 2015, a responsive website is also a ranking factor in the Google's algorithm. In these days, over 60% of the web searches are coming from the mobile devices. It can provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes, which will help you to encourage a visitor to stay on your website for a more extended period that can result in increased sales.

Use SSL Certificate

SSL is the short form of Secure Socket Layer which brings a layer of protection to a website. It will save your customer's sensitive data from going into the wrong hands. If you do have an e-commerce website using the right type of SSL certificate can help you to increase your sales and revenue. A site with an SSL Certificate builds consumer trust as it is imperative if you want your visitors to stick for a long time. Since October 2017, Google Chrome browser is labeling non-SSL websites as "not secure," so this type of label can harm your sales and possible revenue.

Call to Action Strategy

A call-to-action is an element of the page which encourages a user to take some specific action while reading the content such as subscribe to the newsletter or request for a callback. If you are getting a decent amount of traffic on your website, then the conversion rate is an essential thing to increase sales. A proper call to action strategy is a real need in this era, the end of the page can be a right place for a CTA which will urge your visitor to take action with the fresh information in their minds.

Use Testimonials

Social media is gaining popularity day by day, which means now your satisfied customers can provide you the feedback on many platforms. Publish these honest and real testimonials on your product and home pages. The inclusion of testimonials can boost your sales quickly, as it creates a sense of trust among your potential customers. You can also apply for ISO certification for your business; these professional accreditations will also help you to gain consumer's confidence. 

Accept Various Payment Options

In recent years consumers have more choice of how they pay for goods and services. You need to provide different payment options on your website. If you only accept credit and debit cards, then you may lose a lot of your potential customers. The last thing which can limit your business from growing is a customer who wants to purchase a product but abandoned the cart because you don't accept their feasible payment option. It can be a hassle to include many options, but it'll provide a great value to your business and sales.

 So these are the five best ways to boost sales of your small business quickly. Most of these tips are fresh and updated, proper implementation of them will bring a positive change in your business.

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