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Alternative PR: Introducing Africa's Most Complete Public Relations Agency.

Alternative PR: Introducing Africa's Most Complete Public Relations Agency.




We are a company that understands the power of the RIGHT COMMUNICATION,the importance of sharing the right message in the right media and also making sure that the right audience gets the right message. We also know that a company is as good as its reputation and we help companies maintaing agood reputation in the eyes of its various publics. Our key competiencies are in 

1. Media exposure

2. Media coverage

3. Brand building

4. Reputation management

5. Crisis Management

6. Content Strategy

7. Creative Strategy




At Alternative PR, we have a deep understanding of what your business needs to grow. Whether you are small-sized company that is looking to grow and expand or if you are top company looking to stay relevant, our strong team, can help you manouvre through the complex terrain of stategic communications in this digital age by engaging in your reputation management, giving you a boost with positive media relations, communicating through the appropiate channels to the right audience, showcasing your company's executives as thought leaders in your industry as well as help you sieze opportunities by the scruff when it presents itself.
Our unique selling proposition at Alternative PR is that we get results no matter the magnitude of the task. Whether that means placing strategic messages in top newspapers like Punch, vanguard, Thisday etc. or helping you create a strong presence in important places, we have the needed expertise to create strong messages that exceeds stakeholders expectations.

We are more than a PR agency, we are the most complete PR agency in Nigeria. With a strong background of digital marketing, Advertising and brand management, we have all the tools you need to make you suceed.


Our Core Values

Result Driven

Our drive for results makes sure that we take all our clients jobs very seriously. We know that as a company that has built a reputation for excellence over the years, we just can not afford to fail. Our motto is: our clients' success is our own success!


We know that public relations thrives on trust, and trust can only come from being honest. That's why we maintain a culture of honesty with our clients and their own different publics.


Excellence is our name and our culture. We employ highly creative and focused public relations strategies to make sure that our clients key perfomance indicators are exceed. For us, excellence is a way of life.


We handle all campaigns committed into our hands with utmost professionalism. Our team of well-trained professionals would take care of your project until all your KPIs are met.

Want the best campaign for your organization? You can get in contact with us here: 08140806869, 07014039333










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Nigeria Business Email addresses of companies and individual database

Nigeria Business Email addresses of companies and individual database

Nigeria Business Email addresses of companies and individual address database and top benefits of bulk email marketing

As the leading Bulk email services provider in Nigeria we want to highlight some benefits of bulk email services to your business and company.

Top benefits of bulk email marketing

  • Email Marketing is Targeted
  • Email Marketing is Cost effective.
  • Email Marketing Increases Brand Awareness
  • Email Marketing is Easily Shareable.
  • Email Marketing is Measurable

In today’s ever-changing digital world, if you haven’t considered email marketing for your business already, now is the time. Bulk Email marketing is a targeted, shareable, credible, measurable, and cost-effective tool overlooked by many in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Working with a trusted marketing advisor makes the process simple and cost-effective. With a strategic approach, proper guidance and a strong message, your business is sure to benefit from bulk email marketing.

Another key success factor for effective bulk email campaign is the email contacts, having the right target market email addresses of your prospective customers is very important.

And we have been able to put together large list of Nigeria Business Email addresses or email contacts of companies there by making the work easy for you.

  • Listed below are some of the available company bulk Email contacts in Nigeria
  • Top Business and Organizations. Quantity: 100,000
  • ME Contacts, Email, Number, Company name, Address etc. Quantity: 131,000
  • Lagos Contacts. Quantity: 100,000
  • Top Ecommerce Customers, Quantity: 300,000
  • Top bank customers. Quantity: 100,000
  • High connected individual and corporate organization in Nigeria. Quantity: 140,000
  • Lagos students email addresses. Quantity: 300,000
  • Nigerian Emails nationwide. Quantity: 65,536
  • Top bankers emails. Quantity: 2,000
  • Email Lagos Executives. Quantity: 22,000
  • General email. Quantity: 950,000 etc.

For details call 08140806869, 07014039333

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Get 2 million email addresses & 100 million GSM Phone numbers.

Get 2 million email addresses & 100 million GSM Phone numbers.

Get 2 million email addresses and over 100 million GSM Phone numbers.

You can have access to our GSM Phone numbers and Email database to market your products and services and reach your target audience precisely

100,000 Top Business and Organizations

131,000 SME Contacts, Email, Number, Company name, Address etc

100,000 Lagos Contacts

300,000 Top Ecommerce Customers

100,000 Top bank customers

140,000 High connected individual and corporate organization in Nigeria

300,000 Lagos students email addresses

65,536 Nigerian Emails nationwide

22,000 Gsm/Email Lagos Execs

Go to Email addresses of businesses and individuals for details

gsm phone number database nigeria

We have over 100 million GSM Phone Numbers of people living and working in Nigeria grouped by states, local government area, the verified and most authentic phone numbers database.

With First and last Name,




State etc.

Visit GSM Phone numbers database for details

Call us on 07014039333, 08140806869 for details


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