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Others are Bulk email marketing, bulk SMS, business news like products and services, exhibition, business events, Jobs/vacancies, jokes, inspirational etc.

Ways to promote your business online.

Ways to promote your business online.

Online advertising could be defined as form of advertising which uses internet to deliver promotional marketing messages to your customers. It also a means where the marketer and the customers interact for them to benefit each other.

 Promoting your business through the internet is simply the best, because by doing that you are able to reach millions of people about your product and for them to be able to get it. Faster to deliver, it requires low income.

                     These are ways to promote your business online

1.      By posting good content regularly.


2.      By marketing your content on medium online platforms.


3.      By building a relationship with your customers through email marketing.


4.      By optimizing your website for SEO.


5.      By offering a free product or service to customers.



Alternative advert limited is here to guide and also help you promote your business online. For more inquiry please visit our website www.alternativeadvert.com or you can reach us on 012931183, 08140806869.

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How to become a successful digital marketing professional

How to become a successful digital marketing professional

Choosing a career is not a casual task, only after a profound research and a lot of introspection, you should choose the right future path.

Digital marketing is a very young awesome and evolving industry t work in because the future here is promising, bright and above all exhilarating.

If you want to become part of the digital marketing industry and become a professional, then you have to follow this tips.

1.       Follow expert bloggers

Use your Google skills to search the best blogs on digital marketing, save the most relevant ones an follow the authors who you see as the best insights of the industry.

2.       Make use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not be your favorite social networking site, but when it comes to careers, it is the most vital tool used. Make your LinkedIn profile very attractive because people will check your profile befor going through your resume.

3.       Increase your social Quotient

In digital marketing, people check your social media quotient to see how well you have promoted yourself. So if you want to make it as a digital marketer, you have to update your facebook frequently and double the frequency of your tweets.

4.       Attend workshops and seminars

To be a professional digital marketer, you have to attend seminars and workshops organized by experts because the tips and practical insights that you will get from there are unparalleled.

5.       Read EBooks

EBooks helps in saving money, you can also get in touch with the authors to get some personalized help in order to become a well trained and professional digital marketing.



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Secrets you seek in alternative advert

Secrets you seek in alternative advert


Individuals, workers, teachers, civil servants, entrepreneurs and students have been going viral on how this agency operates and things involves in it, specifically students that goes on industrial training and entrepreneurs that advertise their goods and services online. Read carefully below on the facts you seek.

Alternative adverts ltd is Nigeria and Africa’s leading online advertising firm, which can be located temporary at No 7 Rasaq Balogun street, off adeniran ogunsanya Surulere, Lagos state.

This is the no1 online advertising and digital marketing company in Nigeria.

Yes, it is not the only advertising agency but beware that alternative advert ltd is the lead when it comes to digital and online marketing just because of their advancement.

Alternative advert is not only placed or regarded as a marketing firm but in the other words stand as a recruitment firm which offers I.T students and graduates a chance of becoming an entrepreneur either through industrial training or marketing training.

Moreover, creates an avenue by which an ordinary personnel or computer literate can become more advance in the internet with the basic features that surrounds it.

It still goes further to simplify all the minor stages one have to undergo when battling with online marketing or internet affairs.

In conclusion, alternative advert dignify with transparency the words Online advertising, Media marketing, bulk Sms, Digital marketing .

I might not actually cover what we offer because we keep advancing and never gone obsolete, very vast but not complex, even though we (alternative advert) makes you conversant with the relevant things in the field according to your level or grade you stand in the firm .

Equip yourself with more information on www.alternativeadvert.com  or reach us on 012931183, 07033038047



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