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Top benefits of bulk SMS marketing

Top benefits of bulk SMS marketing

If you have not considered integrating SMS into your marketing plans then you are missing a lot

Here are the top ten benefits of bulk SMS marketing

1.       High open rate

2.       Limitless market potential

3.       Instant deliverability

4.       Short messages

5.       High conversion rate

6.       Reliable

7.       Instant opt-in and opt-out

8.       Targeted promotions

9.       Go green

10.   Flexible platform

Bulk SMS is a lovely platform for sending messages. It gives a business owner or company the opportunity to customize messages and the name. it is cost effective  and it involves personal communication. It helps you connect people regardless of where they are actually located.

Bulk SMS marketing enables you to use a single message to communicate to your entire customer at a time, instead of contacting each customer personally, you can distribute your advertising message and reach out to several customers with a single click. It helps you to reduce and optimize your marketing budget to a large extent. Sometimes there might be issues like server problem, SMS failure an delayed messages and this limits your customer base to some extent.

It has become the most popular mode of communication today, using it to communicate with friends, families, business partners, customers and acquaintances unlike an email or a newsletter. Make sure your message is simple, memorable, inviting to look at and fun to read.

So what are you waiting for to get started with your bulk SMS marketing campaign, to reach both old and new customers in no time and to make the relationship a stabled one.

visit www.alternativeadvert.com for more information

you can also reach us on 08140806869, 012931183.

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Tips on how to be experts on digital marketing

Tips on how to be experts on digital marketing

What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing could be defined as the promotion of brands, products or services using one or more forms of electronic media (web or mobile). It also involves the use of channels and methods that enable individuals or organization to analyze marketing campaigns and understand what is working.

Digital marketing gives you richer understanding of the foundation of new digital marketing tools for you to digitally create, distribute, also promote products and service online. For you to be able to,

1. Evaluate the use of digital platforms in formulating a solid market strategy and identify appropriate business applications of each.

2. Recognise opportunities for using Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine Marketing(SEM) to provide value to your company and benefits to your customers.

3. Launch a full digital Marketing campaign to enhance the interface with customers, generate Sales lead and create brand awareness.

Alternative advert limited is here to guide and also provide training for you. For more inquiry please visit our website www.alternativeadvert.com or you can reach us on 012931183, 08140806869

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Bulk Email server: Send Unlimited Bulk Emails to Verified Email Addresses

Bulk Email server: Send Unlimited Bulk Emails to Verified Email Addresses

Send Unlimited Marketing Emails to Verified Email Addresses on your own bulk email server no limitations or restriction.

Bulk Email Marketing is fast becoming the first option on every business owner/company's marketing plan, every company and organization wants to do email marketing because it’s one easy digital marketing tool that is cost effective and results oriented.

What if you can Send Unlimited Bulk Emails to Verified Email Addresses without limitations or restriction? Imagine the result you will get!

We are committed to creating your own dedicated bulk email server (platform) where you are totally in control, you can send unlimited email campaigns daily, weekly and monthly.
Don't be boxed in, take charged of you marketing campaign and let your prospective customers/clients know what you do.

Setup fee: between N150, 000 to N500, 000 depending on server
Monthly maintenance fee: from N50, 000 to N150, 000

Call 08140806869, 07014039333 for details

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