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Nigeria losses 3000mw of electricity

Nigeria losses 3000mw of electricity



Former Governor of lagos state, Babatunde Raji Fashola complains that Nigeria lost over 3000 megawatts of electricity to Vandal’s activities during the last six months.

He said this statement during a presentation at the Wilson center, Washington DC in the United States.

According to the Minister, the electricity supply increased by 4000MW during the last two weeks, due to the increase in generating the capacity of the hydropower plants occasioned by the repairs and the maintenance carried out on them in the previous year.

He further said that the loss of over 3000MW of power was caused as a result of consistent vandalism and sabotage of oil and gas pipelines and assets.

He, the current Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr. Fashola has said that the Buhari’s administration acquired a road contractual liability of N1.5trn worth.

Fashola made this statement to a correspondent, through his special Adviser in Communications, Mr Hakeem Bello, on Sunday in Abuja.

He said though 206 roads were inherited, but were not funded for nor budgeted. He added that it is now a road map, which consists of identifying and priotising heavy traffic bearing roads for conveying essential goods and services within the country.

According to his voice, “we have to build roads that would lead our seas and airports, roads that would drive energy, roads that would help to evacuate fuel from the South to the North, sustain us, which would bring in our feed stock, cattle, vegetables and livestock from the North to the other bearings.

“This is the reason we keep building from all parts of the states, trying to link the roads together for effectiveness. We are also trying to connect the river Benue through the Loko Oweto Bridge, together with the second Niger Bridge; Kano Madugiri and Kano Kaduna”. He said.

Fashola also said in his voice “the state of Nigeria now, is a period of hard choices; we do more with less and these choices which we have made are not esoteric, but are simple and rational, because we put our limited resources in the areas of those 206 roads.

“The total outstanding liability is at N1.5tn; which is taken in batches from the most important highway of goods from ports, fuel from tank farms, foodstuffs and agro-produce across Nigeria”.

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