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Start Online advertising (digital marketing) business

Start Online advertising (digital marketing) business

Start Online advertising business with ease (digital marketing)

Online Advertising business is one of the most lucrative business in recent time, this is owing to the fact that it is an emerging industry with so many opportunities. But only a few have been able to key into the enormous opportunities presented by the industry that is projected to worth about $20 billion by 2020 in Nigeria.

Online Advertising business (digital marketing) is one business that can give you peace of mind and reasonable profit.

Benefits of online business

The many benefits of online business include:

  • global access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • improved client service through greater flexibility
  • cost savings
  • faster delivery of products
  • little startup capital
  • less paper waste
  • less expensive to run
  • opportunities to manage your business from anywhere in the world.

You can do online business as a full time business or part time, more especially since we will handle all the technical issues for you.

Some individuals and organizations longed to start online advertising business (digital marketing) but they are deterred by so many challenges which we have taken care of read more at the link below

Digital marketing Business (Online advertising company)

Setup cost

Online advertising portal

Basic; Cost: N25,000

Advanced; Cost: N50,000

Email server N50,000

SMS Website N25,000

Total package N100,000


For more information call 08140806869, 07014039333

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profitable digital marketing (Online advertising) company

profitable digital marketing (Online advertising) company

How to start a profitable digital marketing (Online advertising) company with N25,000 or N50,000 within 24hrs.

Digital marketing (Online advertising) business is one of the most lucrative business in recent time, this is owing to the fact that it is an emerging industry with so many opportunities. But only few have been able to key into the enormous opportunities presented by the industry that is projected to worth about $20 billion by 2020 in Nigeria.

Some individuals and organizations longged to start a digital marketing (Online advertising) Business but they are deterred by so many challenges like;

1.       Technical know how to manage ad server

2.       Technical know how to manage hosting server

3.       High cost of hosting servers

4.       How to get major Nigerian Newspaper, Major blogs owners to sign up.

5.       Having to cope with Google rules

6.       Competing with so many advertising agencies over a single space in a website which now makes some pay as much as $1 per click for ads to be prominent or dominant on major sites.

7.       Fear of being banned by Google for violating their rules.

But Alternative adverts ltd has taken care of all the above issues and individuals and organization can now start a profitable digital marketing (Online advertising) business.

Solution is a contextual Pay Per Click and CPM ad server script offering access to unlimited of advertisers and publishers.

Our Ad Server is a world class script and a robust system that accepts unlimited publishers and advertisers. It has all the standard ads format like 728 by 90, 468 by 60, 120 by 600, 160 by 600, 300 by 250, 200 by 200, 250 by 250, 300 x 60 etc. More importantly it has Retargeting feature which allow advertisers to target website visitors so they can reach them specifically, with ads tailored to their level of interest. Retargeting allows advertisers to follow up with their best prospects.

Visit to see sample of the software in action.

Unlike other ad servers all those who use our ad server script have access to our over 5000 publishers’ websites. Some of the major websites includes,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, and over 5000 other websites and blog sites.

The good news is that by using our ad server on your domain you are in control, you can create your client’s adverts and approve it instantly and it will display on all our publishers websites and your publishers website almost immediately, you will also make more profit than you would with any other ad server script.

Finally, you will be building a sustainable online business that will stand the test of time, because since the portal gives room for unlimited advertisers and publishers, your SME clients can create the account, setup the advert for you to approve after they might have paid for their campaign.


1.       You make more profits than before.

2.       Affordable clicks and impression bid

3.       Maximum exposure for your clients products, services or events

4.       100% control over your advertisers and publishers.

5.       Your Clients will reach a wider audience on multiple platforms.

6.       Your clients get more value for every penny spent.

7.       You and your clients will monitor all advertisement on your platform with ease.

8.       Affordable pricing plan.

9.       Instant Ad approval (your clients ad go live within minutes once you approve).

10.   Ads prominence and dominance, your client’s ads are very visible to all website visitors.

11.   Multiple Ad types and formats

12.   Retargeting features

13.   Dedicated account office that will handle your entire request.

14.   We help with creatives

15.   Ad-server Software will run on your websites

16.   Access to over 5000 existing publishers websites

17.   Free technical support from local and foreign support team

18.   Access to upgrades free of charge

19.   Free consultation services.

Basic; Cost: N25,000

Advanced; Cost: N50,000

25% discount for the 1st 10 to signup for advanced plan. Hurry now.

Follow this link to register as a partner

You can reach us on 08140806869, 07014039333 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Online digital marketing campaign in Nigeria

Online digital marketing campaign in Nigeria

How to run a successful online digital marketing campaign in Nigeria

Online digital marketing campaign has come to stay in Nigeria and meant to help organizations and businesses to reach their online communications goals, and in case of businesses achieve internet marketing aims.

Online digital marketing campaign like every other kinds of advertisement has one of the two main aim, awareness or result, whatever is your aim for the campaign is, online digital marketing campaign is sure to deliver more than any other forms or marketing channels.

Questions on the minds of every business person.

Problem or questions in the lips of many organizations are: when is it the right time to run online digital marketing? Further questions asked in this regard are: should we run online campaign because competitors or oppositions are running one? Should we run online campaign in Nigeria because we have the budget, is it necessary at all to embark on online digital marketing among other questions?

Social media marketing in Nigeria...


In this article today we will try to answer the question of when to run online digital marketing. Let’s us first establish the fact that online digital marketing campaign is not meant for businesses only who have products/services to sell in Nigeria or for profits orientated companies alone. No, digital marketing goes beyond that to include non profit organizations such as churches, NGO, schools(selling education), government agencies for public enlightenment among others.

Let’s further establish this, according to marketing discipline, we were told in the marketing school that there’re marketing mix which consist of elements of marketing. There’re: place, product, promotion, process, physical evidence, price and people. Each of these elements is further divided to include their elements, for example elements of promotion are: public relation, advertising, personal selling, word of mouth, direct marketing and so on.

What to deduce from this explanation is that marketing is beyond selling and using by profit orientated enterprise alone.

However, for the sake of simplicity, this post today will be focused on promotion aspect of marketing mix, in our situation digital marketing, i.e marketing using digital space.

Below are some of the reasons or when to run online digital marketing campaign.

To launch a new products or services:

When your organization wants to launch a new products or services, as launching of product means to let target consumers or potential buyers know about your new products. This involves informing the Nigeria’s customers and potential clients through online advertising by way of online publicity and educating them.

To build and repair public opinion:

You can run an online digital marketing campaign in Nigeria when your organization or you want to build and repair public opinion via digital space.

You can employ online public relation tools such as press release, interviews etc. targeted at specific audience to correct wrong impression about products/services, encourage the Nigeria’s general public to embrace particular ideas as regard to societal issues etc.

To change position of well-established product:

Every product has a life cycle such as introduction stage, growth stage, maturity stage and decline stage. When a product gets to its maturity stage it might be a time to change its position and consumer perception through innovation and strategic repositioning. This is to avoid the product entering into decline stage which could make it hard to continue making profits for the company. When all the innovation and positioning is done, consumers need to be communicated regard to all the new developments. To carry out this, online digital advertising campaigns need to be embarked on.

To take advantage of a seasonal sales peak:

Taking advantage of the seasonal peak is one of reasons to run a Online digital marketing campaigns in Nigeria in order to promote your product and service during its best selling period. Many products and services in Nigeria’s market have time they’re mostly consumed or bought e.g fashion and event services during festive period. Because other companies and organizations are likely to be competing for the same buyers/subscribers, online digital marketing will be embarked on to market to customers and potential buyers in the market to stimulate demand and possibly win buyers attention away from the competitors.

Extra use of products:

To encourage extra use of products and services by the end users. In marketing there is what is called market penetration and one of strategies of market penetration is encouraging extra use of products to stimulate more demand from the current consumers. For example toothpaste seller running adverts showing importance of brushing teeth three times a day, unlike one-time a day many homes are custom to. Thus, the advert is meant to change consumers’ behaviors to consume the product more, therefore leading to extra use of the product.

To achieve fast rate of trials and sampling:

Is your business having services with trials offers or products with samples? You’re sure that you have excellent products and render exceptional services yet you’re not getting enough potential consumers and buyers to trial the product or to give sample to test its quality? Then this is time to run online digital marketing campaigns to promote the trials and sampling to millions of Nigerian consumers and potential buyers through meticulous digital marketing campaigns.

To engage the general public:

Are you a public figure such as politician, public office holder or activist who needs to influence Nigerian masses, attract supporters and Nigerian masses to believe in your movements or issue important to you? Then this is time to run online digital marketing campaigns to engage millions of Nigerians.

Good news is that Alternative Adverts being leading online advertising company in Africa is here to help you run massive online awareness campaigns. Also, are you a government agency in need to reach millions of Nigeria with any issue important for the government of the day? Then you need to carry out public awareness campaign via digital space.

Upcoming event:

Are you planning an event be it carnival, rally, concert or summit. This is time to run online advertising for the event. This is to enable you attract participants to the event and also educate them about the upcoming event in areas such as event’s features, benefits; whether it’s free or paid, locations among others. All these will be made possible through informative and persuasive online event digital advertising campaign.

Feel free to reach us on 2348140806869, 07014039333 or visit online digital marketing campaigns for details

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