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Nigerian Efcc, a complete fallacy- dame patience media consultant

Nigerian Efcc, a complete fallacy- dame patience media consultant



Former presidents wife, Dame Patience Jonathan says that the claims made by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on her about the $25 million traced to her accounts are lies.

In a statement made by her media consultant, Chima Osuji, during the weekend, it was said that the allegation of Dame Patience laying claim to ownership of a sum of $31.7 million fund, recovered by the EFCC was a complete fallacy.

As Dame Patience debunked the claim made by the EFCC, saying that the allegations were false and are targeted to hoodwink the public against her, her media consultant maintained the fact that Mrs. Jonathan has never owned such amount of money. The reason for the lie is best known to them.

According to the statement made by Mr. Osuji, another sum of $20 million was traced to Mrs. Jonathan again, which was another falsehood aimed at hoodwinking the public against her.

Mr. Osuji further defended in the statement, that the sum of $5 million which was also traced to her account is a fallacy, because in the claim it was said that Dame Patience opened accounts in various names; cooks, drivers and artisans. “This is the greatest falsehood to the knowledge of EFCC,” he said.

Following the statement in words “We have a whole lot of respect for the integrity and sanctity where this matters particularly, the trial is pending, but we are surprised to observe that EFCC the prosecutor of this matter does not have the same measure of respect for the Judiciary which is the bastion of hope for every citizen in the country”.

He further stated “We have received calls, text messages and news on Mass media against the Dame Patience, regarding fraud and other false statements daily by the EFCC in the court of public opinion so as to malign her.

“We are persuaded to respond to these lies disclosed by the EFCC in respect to the matter. We know that the purpose of this is to misinform the unsuspicious members of the public and beyond.

“It is unfortunate that the EFCC which belongs to Nigerians and whose delegation is to conduct a thorough investigation of cases brought to it has resorted in a greater disposition and propensity of engaging in media trials built on outright falsehood, dishing out to innocent persons” he complained.

“This case relating to Dame Patience is in absolute injustice and unfairness. We would like to remind all Nigerians that ‘injustice to one is injustice to all’ for on whom next the bell will toll, it important we emphasize the fact EFCC should desist from the media trials of innocent people, before trial in a court of law as included in the Constitution”, the statement added- Vanguard.

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$15m sustains dame patience’s health, who died but resurrected

$15m sustains dame patience’s health, who died but resurrected



Wife of the former president Goodluck Jonathan, Dame Patience Jonathan has reported that the $15million which was frozen in the four company accounts was programmed for the settlement of her medical bills outside the country.

This report was contained in a letter written by her lawyers, Grannville Abibo (SAN) and co, including the reference number GA/Abibo/00226/2016 and addressed to the Acting Chairman, Economic Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Mr. Ibrahim Magu.

Based on this fact, Dame Patience pleaded with the EFCC in collaboration with Skye Bank, to lift ban on the accounts.

According to a The PUNCH, the four accounts belong to this list of companies, Seagate Property Development and Investment Company Limited, Pluto Property and Investment Company, Trans Ocean property and Investment Company Limited and Globus Integrated Service Limited.

With emphasis, a part of the letter read that “The said accounts in a U.S dollar denomination beared the signature of our client, but the accounts were card based”.

It was also noted in the letter that a houseboy, a driver and other domestic workers of Wariparamowei Dudafa, a former special adviser on domestic Affairs to Jonathan, were the Directors, as the $15 million was kept in the accounts and she was given a platinum card and exclusive access to the account.

The letter also stated that “The said account has been operational by our client, of whom the cards have been used on the payment of her medical bills and other private use, without any disruption.

“It was therefore a surprise to our client on the 7th day of July, 2016, when the cards stopped working. Our solicitor contacted Skye bank, on behalf of our client, and then our client was informed that the said accounts were placed on a NO DEBIT ORDER, which was without a notice to the client.

“We hereby appeal in the light of the ongoing, that through your good positions, you vacate the Freezing Order placed on the said accounts”.

Dame Patience, who described herself as a good, law-abiding citizen pleaded the immediate intervention of Magu, complaining that the offers she issued to the Lagos Zonal Office of the EFCC was not granted.

A detective in the EFCC said in his words, “It was a statement given by the court that ordered the freeze of the account, with a standing evidence to issue on Friday in the court.

“Though at the time, we did not know that the frozen account belonged to Patience Jonathan, because it does not bear her name, neither does it identify her Bank Verification Number (BVN), so it is not our fault.

“If she really needs money for her medical treatment, she should make withdrawals from the money in her Skye Bank account, which is of a balance of $5million”.

On the 18th day of February, 2013, during a thanksgiving service, Dame Patience had said that she went through seven surgical operations within one month, in Germany, when even the doctors said “all hope is lost”.


In her words, “I actually died, for more than a week as my intestines and stomach region was opened. Though I am not Lazarus, but my experience was similar to his, because I am alive again”.

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