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Education loses value as Recession Hits hard

Education loses value as Recession Hits hard



The Proprietor, Stokhan Schools, Iyana Isashi, Lagos, Dr. Shinaayomi Akintolure says, due to the economic recession, parents are beginning to withdraw their children from school.

She stated this after series of interview with some Vanguard Investigators, during a review of The Students’ Fortress, which was adjudged by Laternabooks Limited, as one of the bestsellers in the education department of the bookstores.

Vanguard investigations revealed that as parents withdraw their children and wards from private schools, owners of some private schools have introduced attractive discounts to parents to curtail the unfavorable trend.

Dr. Akintolure explained that this situation on ground is not just because of the increase in school fees, but even to keep the home front going is suddenly an issue. “Though the highbrow areas could attempt increasing fees, but we here cannot, because we now have a 10 to 15 percent shrink in the number of pupils to public schools.

‘’Some parents are even pleading on us to give their children double promotion and if you do not do that for them, they will take their wards to other schools, just so that they will not pay the school fees of the three terms they are supposed to pay, not minding the dangers this could cause them later.”

In the words of The Proprietor, Tob Land Nursery and Primary School, Agege, Lagos, who

Who did not want his name to shown, “Without counting the academic consequence on their wards, some parents have maintained that the double promotion will relieve them of the burden of paying school fees for a year.

“Almost 75% of the parents are unable to pay their children’s school fees and buy books due to the recession. Some parents are buying half of the text books.

“The initial thought was to increase the school fees this term but I was unable to because of the economic challenges and the fear of them been withdrawn into Public schools, but now about 15 students of my school has been taken into a public school”, he added.

Mrs Gladys Adewumi is a Beauty Salon operator whose three children attend Living Joy Nursery and Primary School, Ikorodu. She said “I withdrew two of my children from the private school to public schools when it was apparent that her husband could not cope financially, coupled with the current economic condition of Nigeria”.

In clear utterance Dr. Akintolure advised “school owners who really know their onions, need to take their eyes off just profit making and focus on educating the children, because you cannot sack teachers like banks sack workers.

As proprietors we need to sacrifice about 40 to 50 percent of our profit if need be, to ensure that children keep getting the best even as we remain in business.”

Mr. Okoh a school proprietor pleaded, saying “the government should look into the recession, turn the economy around so that all aspects of life will return to normal’’.

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