Best online advertising companies in Nigeria and leading digital marketing agencies

List of best online advertising companies in Nigeria and leading digital marketing agencies

Get a professional job in 3 months (CIAPS)

Get a professional job in 3 months (CIAPS)


In Nigeria most courses are better studied at professional levels, in addition to the normal degree certificates. 

This is because; organizations and corporate affairs mostly recognize professional bodies as more experts in their various fields. They go for professionals who have perfect skills in the area which are looked for.

The Center for International Advanced and Professional Studies (CIAPS) offers registration for Fast- track Graduates on the following courses:

  1. Senior PAs and Executive Assistants
  2. Media & Journalism
  3. Business Management
  4. Banking & Finance
  5. School Management
  6. Business Development
  7. Project Management
  8. Events Management
  9. International Tutor Certificate
  10. Political Campaign Management
  11. Production and Operations Management


 CIAPS also provides an opportunity:

Work while studying

Study full time or part time

You can also do some programmes online

Meet industrial experts

Use the international curriculum. 

CIAPS Fast-track Professional Programme begins on 3 November 2017 

You could apply online by visiting 


Call 013428624 or 09022442197

Note: You do not need to apply if you have applied in the past; just send an email asking for your application to be retrieved. 

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Selling tools and strategies

Selling tools and strategies

 Selling Has Changed..... Have You Changed The Way You Sell?

Selling is one of the most relevant skills a professional or an entrepreneur will ever develop.

Even though selling is a critical skill, most people in business avoid it like the plague. Interestingly, the emotional pain of inaction is significantly greater than the physical pain of action. 

Selling is about being persuasive with your communication skills. The first skill we master, as brand new human beings is selling.

As babies, we start by crying, then progress to pouting and whining. The trouble is that some of us never advance to higher forms of communications-like adult language.

The cash flow (lifeblood of an organization) is directly proportional to the selling function.

Revenue is the result of your ability to convince and lead customers to buy your products and services, on a regular basis. Revenue is a reward of creating value and demonstrating market leadership.

Inadequate or dwindling revenue will lead your business to its death, as would humans if our life's blood were cut off or tainted in some way.

By contrast, a business with healthy cash flow (good sales) will be able to live a long time and count on a prosperous future.

Successful businesses are continually increasing the quantity and quality of their customer database to clearly profile qualified prospects and new business opportunities.

No Sales = No Revenue

No Revenue= No Business

No Business= Extinction (Death)

Make effort to take a course on selling, and ensure you get the tools and strategies required to enable you sell with ease

What to expect at the end of any good Course selling, You Will Learn

The “Magic” Sales Psychology: Establishing The Perfect Sales Mindset

Overcoming Inertia of Selling: The Number 1 Reason Why You Should Not Be Afraid To Sell

How To "Compel" People To Purchase Twice As Much As They Had Planned From You

The Jealously Guarded Secrets Of Cold Calling And How It Positions You Into A Pivotal Role

How To Form A USP, Exceed Your Targets And Get Amazing Deals Within 90 Days Or Less

What You Need To Know About Sales Funnel Planning and The Tools To Use To Transform Your Revenue Streams

How To Transform "Passive Contacts" Into "Active Contracts"

7 Critical Questions You Must Have Answered In Energizing Your Sales Team

How to Increase The Size, Frequency and Coverage Of Your Most Effective Marketing Activities

Step-by-Step Formula in Creating A "Killer" Promotional Campaign

The Miracle of Money Spinning Sales Letters For Online and Offline Sales (Step-By-Step)

What Major Sales Performers Won't Tell You About Consultative Selling

The A-B-C Strategy For "Buying Facilitation" and “Deposit Mobilization” Even If You Are A Chronic Introvert

How To Manage And Reinforce Your Sales Presentation

Introduction To Using Smart Technology Tools/ Software To Automate Your Sales Process

The Never-Before-Revealed Secrets About Generating Referrals Without Manipulation

How To Overturn Sales Objections Into Opportunities

How To Elicit Endorsements Without Manipulating Your Clients

-Real Life Case Studies, Assessment and Role Plays

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How to become a successful digital marketing professional

How to become a successful digital marketing professional

Choosing a career is not a casual task, only after a profound research and a lot of introspection, you should choose the right future path.

Digital marketing is a very young awesome and evolving industry t work in because the future here is promising, bright and above all exhilarating.

If you want to become part of the digital marketing industry and become a professional, then you have to follow this tips.

1.       Follow expert bloggers

Use your Google skills to search the best blogs on digital marketing, save the most relevant ones an follow the authors who you see as the best insights of the industry.

2.       Make use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn may not be your favorite social networking site, but when it comes to careers, it is the most vital tool used. Make your LinkedIn profile very attractive because people will check your profile befor going through your resume.

3.       Increase your social Quotient

In digital marketing, people check your social media quotient to see how well you have promoted yourself. So if you want to make it as a digital marketer, you have to update your facebook frequently and double the frequency of your tweets.

4.       Attend workshops and seminars

To be a professional digital marketer, you have to attend seminars and workshops organized by experts because the tips and practical insights that you will get from there are unparalleled.

5.       Read EBooks

EBooks helps in saving money, you can also get in touch with the authors to get some personalized help in order to become a well trained and professional digital marketing.



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Plusworld Offers You Professional Roofing Services

Plusworld Offers You Professional Roofing Services

Plusworld Roofing is an indigenous roofing engineering company. They  work with dedication and integrity and strive for a position of leadership in the roofing industry, with a foundation of respect  and trust, their goal is to build a lasting relationship with their clients.

 they have a knack for technological innovations and products and they also indulge in finding the most practical solutions to business and job related problems.

Plusworld Roofing remains your one-stop shop for roofing, ceiling and equipment, with their in-depth years of experience in the roofing industry, they have been able to offer their increasing list of clientele roofing solutions for their structures.


LAGOS OFFICE: Ojomu Royal Plaza,

Opposite Swisstrade Doors, Ikota First Gate,

Along Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lekki Lagos



This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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