Best online advertising companies in Nigeria and leading digital marketing agencies

List of best online advertising companies in Nigeria and leading digital marketing agencies

Social media marketing in Nigeria facebook Instagram and Twitter

Social media marketing in Nigeria facebook Instagram and Twitter

Social media marketing in Nigeria, facebook ,Instagram and Twitter.

let the best social media management company in Nigeria handle your campaign

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It’s no more news that Social Media has changed everything from the way we interact and make money to the way we do business and advertise our brands and smart businesses are leveraging the power of this powerful media to promote their brands and increase their revenue.

In a world where everything and everyone is “online”, let’s help your brand stand out among its competitors

We understand the consumption patterns of social media content so we strategically create premium-quality and highly engaging content that not only connect your audience to your brand but also drive massive patronage to your business and increase your ROI.

In addition, we monitor, manage and promote these contents to ensure they get the visibility they require and deliver on the result you desire.

Are your social media channels getting you enough visibility and making you enough money? If you can’t answer yes confidently, then this is for you.

We have a reputation of delivering on our promises; that is why more than 1,000 brands in Nigeria trust us with their marketing and that’s why we are number one in Africa when it comes to digital marketing and online advertising.

You can reach us on 08140806869, 07014039333

Check our pricing and packages below


Duration Estimated Reach Estimated Impact Platforms Cost
1 Daily 125,000 Impressions

Estimated likes = 350

Estimated Share = 200

Visit to website = 800

Facebook and Instagram N25,000
2 Weekly 900,000 Impressions

Estimated likes = 2500

Estimated Share = 1500

Visit to website = 6000

Facebook and Instagram N170,000
3 Monthly 3,500,000 Impressions

Estimated likes = 10,000

Estimated Share = 6000

Visit to website = 25,000

Facebook and Instagram N650,000
4 Quarterly 10,500,000 Impressions

Estimated likes = 30,000

Estimated Share = 25,000

Visit to website = 75,000

Facebook and Instagram N2,000,000


Duration Estimated Reach Estimated Clicks Coverage Cost  
1 Daily 250,000 Impressions

Estimated likes = 700

Estimated Share = 400

Visit to website = 1600

Facebook, Instagram and twitter N50,000
2 Weekly 1,750,000 Impressions

Estimated likes = 6000

Estimated Share = 3500

Visit to website = 12,000

Facebook, Instagram and twitter N350,000
3 Monthly 7,000,000 Impressions

Estimated likes = 21,000

Estimated Share = 13,000

Visit to website = 55,,000

Facebook, Instagram and twitter N1,400,000
4 Quarterly 21,000,000 Impressions

Estimated likes = 65,000

Estimated Share = 55,000

Visit to website = 155,000

Facebook, Instagram and twitter N4,000,000

NB: Please note that the impressions, share, likes and visit to site above are estimated based on other campaigns, which means that you cannot get exactly the numbers listed, it could be more or less the figures listed, lots of things determines the results like your price per click relevancy of ads etc.

 For more information call us on 08140806869, 07014039333

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3 Months Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurial skills Training

3 Months Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurial skills Training

3 Months Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurial skills Training.

Netpreneur is a Youth Empowerment Project of Alternative Adverts Ltd. It is aimed at equipping unemployed youths and young entrepreneurs with knowledge (both practical and theoretical) about the ‘Digital Cyber Space’ – a world that offers immense business opportunities.

It involves both a one-day Networking session with digital marketing experts and facilitators and a 3 months Webinar (online training).

netpreneur group pix


To discover, empower, mentor and equip unemployed youths with digital marketing and entrepreneurial skills.

To train Young graduates to become employable and relevant to any organization.

Help reduce unemployment drastically in the country through IT.

Provide skilled workforce for organizations who desire productive e-marketing / branding.

To build a country where the opportunities the internet provides is fully utilized to the advantage of business.

The 3 Months Webinar Commencement Date:

Tuesday, December 6th, 2016 to March 6th, 2017.

Participants commitment fee N5,000

You can call us on 09079223812, 09090655022 for details

Course outline:

Digital Marketing Skills:

Digital Marketing Fundamentals and Website Conversion Funnel

Traffic, Online Advertising, and Customer Acquisition

Social Media and Community

Marketing Email Marketing and Lead Generation

Video Marketing

Blogging and Content Marketing

Website and blog monetization

Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning


Mobile/SMS Marketing

E-commerce marketing


Search Engine optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Classified ads and forum

Online payment integration

Database sources and management (Email and GSM Numbers)

Entrepreneurial Skills:

Self-Discovery (Ideation stage and Personal Visioning)

Proposal Writing

Effective Communication Skills

Book-keeping fundamentals

Creativity and Innovation

Business Registration and Legal

Designing new products and bringing them to the market

Emotional Intelligence

Marketing and Sales

Leadership (team and self)

Personal Effectiveness

Delegation, Motivation and Coaching etc.

NB: For more information, you can visit our

You can call us on 09079223812, 09090655022 for details

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